US Actress Adriana Camposano on “Orange is the new Black”, and her casting as Laurina!


Well known for her role as Lucy Diaz on the worldwide phenomenon Netflix show Orange is the new Black. US actress Adriana Camposano recalls being very young at the time. With the role being one of her first serious acting roles within the industry. A character who was the youngest out of the siblings. Defined by her persistent struggle to find the light in their situations, whilst yearning to get her family back together. 

The actress references how she found a lot of influence through the actors she grew up watching on Nickelodeon and Disney. Continually making up her own skits and acting as if she was one of the characters from these shows, as a young aspiring actress.

“The thing I love most about being an actress is the fun of playing a variety of different characters. Every time I get an audition my favourite thing to do is read the character description that I get to bring out!”


Cast as Laurina in Director Sylvia Caminer’s short film Laurina [based on a true story]. The story follows a young Italian immigrant girl 80 years before the #metoo movement. Paying homage to how this incredible individual [left traumatized and pregnant at the young age of 13]; through her resolve was able to not only triumph over her abuser, but give strength to generations of silent victims within her own community and family.

She explains how she originally auditioned for the role as Minnie, Laurina’s sister, in August 2021. Having been asked to audition for Laurina a few days later, Adriana recalls how she was beyond excited to have this special opportunity of bringing Laurina’s powerful story to life. To the point where working on this project and putting herself in Laurina’s shoes has been an unforgettable experience that the actress will never forget! 

The actress explains that her favourite type of character to enact are those that encompass a more dramatic and intense type of role. “I enjoy expressing a wide range of emotion and being able to bring out realistic situations to life that may be more deep or serious. I’d love to play a role like Eleven from “Stranger Things” or Allie from “The Society!” For the actress, making it in the TV/Film industry is no different than making it on the big screen. Taking the view that there is always room for improvement, and a point which she intends on strengthening through her substantive training schedule!

Adriana opens up about getting nervous at times when auditioning for a role or even when she is

Credit: Ryan Clemens

on set! Recalling times when auditioning was still in-person. She would find her nerves would kick in right before she entered the room. Retaining a positive mindset she explains, has been paramount in helping her achieve a positive outcome! Whether she manages to be successful in getting the audition or not.


Some qualities Adriana admires in actors are their confidence and energy, whether that’d be on or off set! For the actress, acting is one of the most amazing talents. Especially actors that have a wide range of roles where they can nail from comedic to dramatic! She explains that she would love to play a role that offered a unique characteristic to it [i.e. a special power]. 

The actress’s advice is to not give up on your dreams. That whilst there may be times through your journey that you just want to give up. To instead, have the self belief that you can achieve anything you want to with hard work, dedication and determination. Knock backs and going through stages of anxiety, stress, and a lack of motivation are purely part of the process of learning who you are and what career/life choice you want to pursue!#watchthisspace