US artist Brenzy on her upcoming single “brunch”, and opening up about the effects of anxiety at a young age!


We caught up with US artist Brenzy prior to release of her highly anticipated release “brunch” [available from the 8th April ’22]. A song inspired by the artist’s yearn for a group of friends to go to brunch with. Now 22, she explains how this single made her realize she does not need to box herself into one genre. I love making R&B music, but I also love Pop music! It was a fun challenge to write outside of my comfort zone”. Going onto describe her music as groovy, energetic and a little bit sensual. She points out that she does not make her music based on what’s trendy or to sound like someone else. Instead seeking to add sounds and instruments that pull fromt he 70’s and 90’s era.

Referencing her single “Permanent Lover” as her favourite creation to date, she hopes that her music can make her listeners feel like someone else understands who they are or what they are going through. 

“I know that in my life, certain songs have gotten me through certain situations just by knowing that I’m not crazy for what I’m feeling. I also just want to make people feel good and make music that feeds the soul!” 

For Brenzy, her parents are the reason that she is where she is at this moment. Recalling how they raised her two brothers and herself to find what they love and work hard at it, alongside unwavering support for their passion. She goes onto explain that a lot of people growing up did not understand her love and dedication to music. Seeking to put her down for it. To the point where she could not do or talk about many things going on in her life without knowing that somebody would be talking badly about it.

Opening up about her struggles with anxiety. Brenzy explains how she has suffered from anxiety for pretty much her whole life. “I remember having my first panic attack when I was 4 years old, and I started going to therapy for anxiety and OCD when I was 9. I developed Hashimoto’s disease when I was only 12, and that threw me into a deep depression. I even lost my voice for 6 months because of it, which made me even more depressed because I couldn’t sing”. She further recalls her battles with body image and an eating disorder since she was 14. She admits that whilst it sounds like a lot, and to her credit she does not hide away from the reality. She feels very blessed to have been able to get medication and therapy to help her manage it. 

For the artist, social media in the music and entertainment industry is a vital cog, most notably as for Brenzy, the music industry is all about relationships. “I’ve been able to showcase my talents on there and create connections with fans who enjoy my music and watching my everyday life. I’ve also used social media as a way to network within the music industry and build new professional relationships!” The artists biggest piece advice to those wishing to enter the music industry, is put yourself out there and “network, network, network”!! To introduce yourself to everyone and showcase the work that you are proud of.

Brenzy highlights her biggest challenge so far as being getting in the way of her own success. For a time, “subconsciously scared” of getting better at her craft and putting herself out there. “I had to get real with myself at some point and say, “Girl, what are you doing? Don’t you want to be great?” So, I started getting out of my own way and it’s been great for me, not only professionally, but in my personal life too”. The artist is currently working on her music video, which she is super excited about. All whilst spending  time working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business at Full Sail University.#watchthisspace