US Artist Kolten Kirschke on “Medicine”& using music to offer a Little Transparency into his Life!


Music has always been a part of Kolten Kirschke’s life. Described as being born dancing to music, the artist loves nothing more than to entertain. Having started his acting and music career at a very young age; Kirschke explains that training as a triple threat is something deep down he believed he was always meant to pursue. Openly admitting that becoming a singer happened by chance. From what started with an audition in Orlando, Florida; shortly led to being signed with an agent and an artist developer and the young artist has not look back! 


Pointing to his successful release, the artist explains how  “Medicine” has been one of his largest

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releases so far that he is immensely proud of it! “I’m sure the message will resonate with a lot of teenagers today, but the inspiration came from that special someone that just doesn’t let you in, or even share how they feel”. Going onto highlight how you can really start to feel closed off and if they would just open up you could help them. Most of the artist’s music is smooth with a trap pop vibe. Noting that a lot of his lyrics come from personal experiences. Kirschke hopes that in doing so, his music offers a unique offering for his fans, providing that little bit of transparency into his life.

The music industry is tough industry to break, and Kirschke explains how it has taken time to find the right team and a team that believes in you. “It’s important to stay true to yourself and your creativity if you find a music team and fans that supports you in this way making music is a dream come true”.

Finding Inspiration

I’m blessed with the best music team and support system, the artist points out. Feeling extremely blessed to work with Zack Lloyd, Kirschke points to his talents as an amazing Los Angeles/UK music producer and extremely talented musician. “He’s just the best to work with as he understands my style and believes in me, Mary Simmons(Marygold) Los Angeles singer/songwriter helps to co-write my lyrics and topline while Zak produces amazing tracks based on a combination of all my selected beats”. With a special reference to his coach and mentor Matt Berthot who helped shape the artist’s vocals, inspiring

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Kirschke every week to be the best version of himself. Last but by no means least, his parents who he makes a point of highlighting their sacrifices to help him follow his dreams and inspire the artist each and everyday!

“I’ve grown up in the industry and learned to ignore what other people think, but bullying is a serious issue and I have always supported non-profits that help spread the message and teach youth today  how to handle those situations”.

Kirschke explains that whilst he has not personally experienced depression or anxiety, he is due-fully aware of the effects Covid this last year has had on several of his friends and is something that is a rising concern in youth today, according to the artist. For the artist, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy music to express yourself. Highlighting the key is to simply have fun with it! Pointing out how his greatest challenge has been the initial exposure. Getting his music out beyond his local circles and finding more ways to be seen.

Kirschke is set to release the rest of his songs from his second EP. “Rewind”. #watchthisspace