Wicked has captivated the West End for over fifteen years now. Each night audiences are transported from the Apollo Victoria theatre to the magical world of Oz to witness the spellbinding production. 

For those not familiar with the story, yet familiar with the story of OZ, “Wicked revisits the notions of social obligation and personal courage for a new and somewhat flumoxed generation, at a time when trust in government leadership is questioned more often than not”. Within this lies an absolutely sublime theatrical production that transports you into an inspired fantasy world, where anything is possible if you believe enough to pursue it!

Having had the pleasure of reviewing a number of performances over the years, it is a wonderment to behold the gifted and incredibly talented individuals that grace Wicked’s cast and crew. With the new cast and crew in place, we had the pleasure of being introduced to three phenomenol actors. That of Alexia Khadime [Elphaba]; Lucy St. Louis [Glinda]; and Ryan Reid [Fiyero]. By cast, Lucy’s [Disney ‘s Beauty & The Beast] interpretation of Glinda’s character is outstanding. With a voice that is simply phenomenol. Add into this equation Alexia Khadime [musical productions inc. The Prince of Egypt [Dominion]; The Book of Mormon [Prince of Wales]; and what you have is a tour de force. Alexia’s acting strength is very clear to see. As the acts grew, the display of talent on show just got better and better! Ryan Reid compliments both Lucy and Alexia. Their onstage relationship is very real, and it shows throughout their delivery of their performances throughout the show. 

Supported by gifted performances from Joe Thompson-Oubari [Boq]; Caitlin Anderson [Nessarose], Sophie Louis Dann [Madame Morrible]; Mark Curry [The Wonderful Wizard of Oz], and Simeon Truby [Doctor Dillamon]. The production deserved nothing less than a standing ovation at the end.

There is nothing quite like Wicked the Musical. So get your tickets here! Don’t miss out on this magical masterpiece of theatre production.