Belgian-American Artist Speelburg on his new single World is Falling Apart


“…if you’re not moving forward and always writing and playing, you’re going to stagnate.”

Speelburg has been playing music since he was 6. Having transitioned from bar-work to writing music for commercials and games and TV, this opportunity provided more time for the artist to work on his own material.  We caught up with the artist off the back of his highly anticipated release “World is Falling Apart”. A song written back in 2017; it holds a message of hope. It was therefore only natural that he felt this would be the perfect time to release it into the world.

The artist sees his music best described as “elevator music on acid”. Speelburg points to the his music being the glue that homogenises all genres. With the aim of unifying everything together life a “beige paste”. He is keen to have his fans experience the feeling you get when walking into a museum, the “wow” factor!

The artist highlights how he enjoys being creative… “I like to experiment with music, film, animation, acting, drawing etc… I get to use social media as a platform to experiment with new mediums. As soon as you see it up in a picture gallery, it contextualises your experimentations into a seemingly cohesive body of work.”

For students looking to follow in Speelburg’s path, the artist points to the importance of consistency in your writing and experimenting with different styles. To learn photoshop and premiere. “You have no excuse not to!”, he explains. His biggest challenges to date have been the impact of Covid placing a significant stop on a lot of the music he is currently working on. In light of this his view is be to be ready and maybe more importantly, be happy to always reset your expectations because chaos always happens last minute and often times it’s a good thing.

With his debut album Porche set for 2nd October, the artist is currently working on a number of different music videos.

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