Songwriter and Producer Alice [aka Naught Alice] started playing guitar and drums when she was the age of  7. She recalls how she played in bands, gigging around London. “I was young but it was a lot of fun and a perfect way to start my journey in music. When I was 10, the drummer from The Specials moved in next door to me”. She explains how he encouraged her to pursue music. This led Alice to pursue studies in Music Production and Sound Engineering at Abbey Road.

We caught up with the artist in anticipation for the release of her new single “Bloodline”. She explains how writing and producing this song definitely pushed her out of her comfort zone. “I experimented with different sounds and textures that I wouldn’t usually. I think this is what being an artist/writer is all about, you have to try new things to know if they’ll work”. She goes onto explain how she collaborated with artist, Silvana who wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals. Further pointing out that the story behind the song is empowering and important. For Alice, Silvana is an inspiration. A view that listeners will be able to relate to Silvana when they hear the song.

Alice opens up how it is always hard to describe your own music, although as a brief intro, she would site it as being easy to listen to. “I try and write music that I think can be enjoyed by many. I don’t really have one genre that I stick to, this means I can engage with a wider audience”. The artist feels it is impossible to pinpoint an exact genre, as there is so much crossover. 

The artist is keen to invoke different emotions through her music. “Some will focus on the lyrics and might be able to relate. For others it might be the instrumental that provides them with specific emotions. I guess we just hope people like it!!” As part of her inspiration, Alice points to Inflo, as he has gone onto produce some of Alice’s favourite artists to date. Referencing Little Simz, SAULT and Michael Kiwanuka. For Alice, his talent is unmatched and each project he works on is so different!

The artists biggest challenge to date has been being  a women in music production she explains. Whilst ongoing, she feels there has been a lot of positive changes. With the view that there is still a long way to go. Alice is currently working on the release of another single coming out in 4 weeks time. This will be followed by an EP release before the Summer! #watchthisspace