Lauren and Alik Colbert, took the entrepreneurial leap to follow their passion. It just so happens this passion was laughter yoga. An exercise routine that helps ease physical, mental and emotional stress at the same time. Their brand “Laughing Lovebugs” provides wellness support services via the exercise itself. They explain that when they made the shift to laughter yoga, at which point they setup their brand; they themselves were experiencing extreme stress due to being in a career path that did not provide a sense of fulfilment.

“Our brand started the moment after our first laughter yoga session together, we experienced a life changing inner transformation and we were eager to delve in, learn more, and become certified laughter yoga teachers”. 

Alik recalls how they became acutely aware of the need to make it their life’s work to help people experience the power of laughter to transform their lives, feel good and do something good for their health(mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially!). Lauren, who herself has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, firmly believes academic qualifications can be a extremely helpful in providing a positive impact for entrepreneurs. From supporting an entrepreneurial mindset, developing creativity, stimulating critical thinking, and improving time management. 

Scientific studies show that laughter yoga strengthens the immune system, increases the presence of infection fighting antibodies, alleviates pain, relieves tensions, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar, and keeps the heart healthy. With other proven benefits including but not limited to boost in confidence and motivation, reduced burnout, and improved sleeping patterns. 

For the duo, the most valuable aspect of building their career so far has been their passion. “We have a passion to empower, inspire, enlighten, and awaken the inner joy within every human we interact with…we are always brainstorming innovative ways to add value to the services we provide”. Their advice is to seek progress not perfection. To enjoy the seasons of the ebs and flows that come with being a business owner and when challenges arise or mistakes happen realize that these are always opportunities to learn and grow. To continue to strive forward to attain fulfillment of your business objectives. Seeking to encourage all to accept changes and allow yourself to evolve with the changes. 

Alik explains how one of their favorite ways to deal with rejection is to remember these fun acronyms:

  • If you fail: F.A.I.L. means First Attempt In Learning.
  • It is not the end: E.N.D. means effort never dies so try again. 
  • If you get a no: N.O. means next opportunity. 

The Laughing Lovebugs are attempting to cultivate human connection via laughter. Ideally, spreading the word to encourage people to participate in doing something that not only feels good but is for them. Whilst noting cons of running a business with longer working hours, and unexpected setbacks. The duo believe the best aspect of being entrepreneurs is that it is so rewarding to fulfill your dreams awake. There are so many opportunities for personal development while growing your business, learning from others and  freedom to explore your creative potential with no limits. #watchthisspace