Born into a musical world, we caught up Chinese electronic talent Chace. The artist sat down to discuss his new release Mariya. He starts by explaining how the idea of the debut album started many years ago. The inspiration was to blend urban music and house music. 

Looking back, Chace recalls how much opportunity was available to be inspired, so many international artists and DJs would come in and you have many options every week to experience live music. The artist childhood saw him taking up drumming. This led with a move to Shanghai where he learnt to be more efficient with his classes, and subsequently fell in love with the dance music scene.

He points out that we tend to over-judge our previous work. Having finished and released the project, Chace realized he was holding on to the album way to tight, being super protective, and in his honest view the project was affected. Now I know you should never take it too seriously, you take most of the fun out of it and you get easily disappointed afterwards…. “I think it’s safe to say that the music and myself kind of develop each other, especially during the process of making Belated Suffocation”. 

School for a Dream

Chace admittingly did not take your standard route into a career in the music industry. Having dropped out of high school [he openly points to his parents not being overly thrilled]. He explains that it took some convincing and prove of concept. However all the hard work was worth it, as the artist points to being in a really great place with his work. With his parents being the biggest fuel to keep him going. Chace explains that at this point in his journey, he is cautious about reading too deep into how others view his work. He does strongly believe in finding a network of people who are attuned to your vision. “I say that because I think when you are trying to doing something new and challenging, there’s a certain risk and it’s a lot less about the music itself at that point, instead you should focus on who’s willing to take risks with you, and who’s gonna say to you“so that didn’t work out but let’s work on the next one.”

Trying to stay creative is the artists biggest challenge. Keeping creative energy alive is harder than you’d think, he explains and feels the more you push for it the less creative you’re gonna get. When Chace looks back, he finds himself feeling blocked. He feels he is able to always point out what was going wrong with his life at that point. Highlighting how you can get easily distracted by relationships, or the business itself, or even the music you were listening to for inspiration. “Being creative takes a certain bravery, you’re literally showing the world how your brain works, especially when you are told to keep your voice down, it’s a skillset.”

Encounters with Bullying and Depression

Being a Chinese artist, Chace opens up how he would always encounter loads of stereotypical biases, and sadly does not see it becoming better. The artist attempts to turn the negative energy into motivation. He points out that times have changed and he does not sit right with the fact that many people in this world still see China and Chinese artists in a very old-fashioned way. For Chace it means  he is compelled to do his part right to prove to them that they’ve been wrong. 

The artist opens up about working through mild depression. Chace explains how it was only recent that he realized he wasn’t functioning healthily as a person. “I was quite self-destructive in a way that I can’t embrace success, or just satisfaction. It has something to do with being in the music business I think, you don’t realize that most of the time it’s really just a business. Coming back to your family and friends helps a lot, keep myself grounded and clear-headed about why I’m doing this, and just don’t think about the struggle too much, it doesn’t help with your consistency”.

Looking forward, Chace believes it is fundamentally important to not stop in the pursuit of your dream. Even when everyone is saying you aren’t gonna make it. When it feels like you aren’t hitting the right bottom or nobody is looking at you believe that it’s just the process, don’t be defeated.

Chace is currently completing his second album. The artist is definite in his passion to keep releasing new music. With exciting projects in the pipeline coming from his own label Monti Ark, this space is definitely one to watch! #StayTuned