London based James Hype on his new collaborative track “Afraid” ft Harlee!


Since I can remember, I’ve always adored music. It’s my favourite thing, and I love being able to show people new music. I used to DJ birthday parties when I was 16, and I spent every waking moment listening to new tunes, at the rave, or trying to mix and mash up everything. It felt more like a calling than a choice! – James Hype
We had the pleasure of speaking to James Hype. The viral sensation complimented by his impressive DJ performance videos, his early remix of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” capturing the attention of BBC Radio 1 presenter MistaJam. The DJ then began weekly Thursday night residency with Kiss FM, and has since lended his hand to remixing and releasing with notable names including Cardi B, Meduza, Craig David and Anne Marie. The artist describes his music as a blend of all his favourite genres of music, ranging from electonric, dance, pop, urban, but to name a few.  Highlighting that his music stands out due to the soul and creativity poured into each and every track produced.

His new song “Afraid” was co-written by Harlee, James [himself], and Rob Harvey. The DJ points to having known Rob [Harvey] for years and linked up with Harlee on a couple of projects prior to his new release. James highlights how this time it was a little bit different due to travelling to Yorkshire to produce the song, which for the artist was a far cry from his usual sessions in the studio in London. The DJ references how producing in this way, enabled a different vibe to be brought to the session, and allowed them to raise the bar on the final track produced.
The DJ does not point to any distinct track as his favourite production. Instead humbly choosing to see each track as their own individual masterpiece, offering their own moment, which the DJ loves. He is however very keen to bring fun, happiness, smiles and dancing to those listening to his music. As if they were at his live shows!
Finding Inspiration
James explains how his parents, friends and management team have been core to driving him to push and find inspiration on a day to day basis. In doing so, allowing the artist to achieve the milestones he has accomplished to date. “I’m literally living the dream on a daily basis, when you achieve your first set of ‘dreams’ don’t be afraid to raise the bar of your goals to some other seemingly un achievable place. Then go for those.”
James answer to dealing with bullies is inspired. Noting how bullying happens to everyone in some way, he feels the best way to handle bullying is to double down on what you believe is right and achieve it by winning and being the best at what you do. This for the DJ answers all the critics and bullies!
When it comes to social media, the DJ points to the reality that people bash social media due to the tendency to overuse it in once’s spare time. The artist himself really enjoys what social media offers as an engagement tool with his fans, and those listening to his music. He highlights how he is extremely lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing team of people who see things the same vision as the artist, and are fully committed to the journey that lies ahead.
Overcoming Challenges
 The DJ notes how his biggest challenge was moving to London. The feeling that he needed to be “amongst it” and in the heart of where the music being produced was most active on a day to day basis. He highlights the importance of never giving up, irrespective of how many doors are closed in front of you. To just keep persevering and knocking them down!
The DJ is currently very focused on promoting his brand new single ‘Afraid’ featuring Harlee. In addition to working on all of his streams that are live on YouTube twice a week. With more music on the way, the DJ is very excited to showcase the his  new material!
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