Drown This City on their latest release Colours We Won’t Know & Connecting to a Global Audience!


We caught up with Melbourne Outfit Drown This City prior to the release of their new EP [Colours We Won’t Know]. The release marking the group’s first release in 2021 alongside their announcement of new bassist/vocalist Tony Thomas. The EP containing a collection of songs written and recorded whilst experimenting with what the band describe as influences and sounds that drive them – progressive metalcore, hardcore and additional sub genres. The band explain that the inspiration was to show a darker and more thought-provoking sound that encapsulated their emotions and state of mind whilst writing/tapping into themes of mental health, trauma, family issues & abandonment. 

“We really went in with the intent of pushing instruments and vocals to new heights, bringing in more intricate and versatile riffs, and challenging each other’s comfort zones” – Alex Reade (Vocalist). 

The expansion of the band’s sound has allowed them to explore moodier and punchier cleans and screams that they have not had the chance to put forward before. Pointing out that they essentially stripped it back to what they love about music and where that can take the band. Allowing that emotion to guide them in creating a release that they are proud to put out.

The band admit that is hard to be objective with your own music. This being said, their latest release  combines dark, heavy and experimental instrumentals with their signature vocal vibes of commercially targeted melodies. Vocally, they explain fans are in for a heavier surprise – “we’ve worked to push the vocals – both vocalists myself and Toby, to explore new vocal techniques and there’s much more range and dynamic in each song”. Going onto point out that whilst the production was not an easy feat to produce; the band are proud at how they have pushed the release to be more complex and mature than any previous release!

The band’s favourite creation to date has been their Time Won’t Remember Us, courtesy of their latest EP. The reasoning due to the song being the last part to finish their album. In the group’s own words, they are keen to invoke a feeling of “darkness, despair, floating, falling, calm and then a rush of energy, that turns into a cathartic release and hope. We want everyone to embrace their darkness inside, down to the depths, and then turn it into power”. 

Working through their Demons

The band open up about working through bouts of depression, with extreme anxiety for years. Ranging from performance anxiety, insomnia, daily anxiety, through to social anxiety. 

Alex Reade (vocalist) explains that his anxiety came from extremely low self-esteem and an inability to self-regulate his emotions due to his childhood and stressful family dynamic. “I spent a lot of time in counseling – for the past ten years I have invested in therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and as much self-healing practice as possible”. He goes onto point out how drugs and alcohol has a severe impact on his mental health. Going onto highlight that being mentally strong is just like being physically strong…”it takes a one day at a time approach to building better habits and slowly shifting into a clean and calm lifestyle”. 

Connecting Globally

For the Melbourne outfit; working with people who you want to vibe with and allow you to develop a good working relationship is essential in furthering your craft. “You’ll know who they are – it’ll feel right and then the magic spark will happen. Nothing is better than co-creating with an amazing producer who vibes you back”. Going onto to highlight for those wishing to get into the music industry, that you need to take a leap of faith, believe in yourself, and “just do it”! To not listen to anyone but yourself! Referencing how fans and supporters of music will love you for you. To be ready to put your head down and build your brand through your own unique creative outlet. 

They highlight that their greatest challenge to date has been experiencing what is known as imposter syndrome. The thought that you are undeserving of where you are, and that your music will never be good enough. Alex (vocalist), explains that it prevented him from taking on new opportunities and really embracing the journey their on. The band are currently working on new exciting content for imminent release!#watchthispace