Exclusive: When ‘Airy Met Fairy – From Luxembourg with Love


Looking to be wrapped in a warm musical blanket every time you grab for the earphones? Then alternative hip-hop lovers, When ‘Airy Met Fairy, are sure to make it to the top of your next chill playlist.

Gaining acclaim for their debut album ‘Glow’ in 2017, the Luxembourg-based duo are back and ready to ease your isolation woes. Taking some time out to focus on a new and improved sound, the labours of Thorunn Egilsdottir and Mike Koster’s love paid off – with latest single ‘Inside Your Lungs Superstar’ ready to drop this Friday.

Ahead of the release, we caught up with the melancholic-pop duo to get the scoop behind their new track.

Dark, poignant and reflective, ‘Inside Your Lungs Superstar’ condemns society’s social media obsession in a percussive groove that grimly ridicules our dystopian and very-much digital related. Despite having infinite and disposable connectivity at our fingertips, WAMF highlight that it’s this very excess of choice that makes us feel all the more isolated.

Unintentionally, the Coronavirus pandemic has added a new layer of meaning to the track. Initially commentating on the world’s tendency for self-absorption, both the song and its video accompaniment inadvertently ponders the reality of our new living situation: isolated and craving honest connection.

In a similar vein, their previous cover ‘Going to Town’ was chosen deliberately for its satirical yet very earnest depiction of society. “Rufus Wainwright – creator of the original track – brilliantly manifested himself against the big fat thing called capitalism, homophobia, chauvinism and every other imaginable injustice,” they tell us.

Seemingly political, the two-piece’s lyrical intention is far from it. “Don’t misunderstand us,” they explain. “We don’t consider ourselves as a political band. Trump’s doings are not political at all. So we take the freedom to speak out.”

Instead, their dreamy, melancholic trip-hop tracks are created with the intention to soothe its listener – albeit commentate on the state of world affairs along the way. “We’re hoping to change the ambience of a room once our songs are played,” the two-piece points out. “We want to wrap our listeners into a warm blanket.”

Speaking topically of their latest release, WAMF highlight their conflicting relationship with social media. On one hand, they cherish the opportunity to be able to connect with their fans – to share new music that they hope will be able to offer a glimmer of hope in a time of darkness. But true to the undercurrent of their discography, this is heavily overshadowed by the emptiness they feel when living in a digital world.  “We feel every post is a sad attempt to stay alive digitally,” they tell us. “Music on social media is empty and a desperate scream for attention. Where is the sound quality? Isn’t that our job as musicians? If we don’t participate, no-one can find us on their smartphones. So we’re forced to play this game.”

Crying out for the industry to go back to its roots, their latest offering is a desperate calling for connection – to be present, connect with one another and limit our screen-time before we lose our grasp on earnest and authentic communication.

Sound familiar? Then be sure to hit play on WAMF’s new track ‘Inside Your Lungs Superstar’ when it lands this Friday.

If that’s not quite your quarantine jam, fear not – the pair tell us they’re working on a Tiger King cover as we speak.

Gabriella Wieland
Author: Gabriella Wieland

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