Nashville (USA) Artist Madelyn Mandry on her first EP “Midnight to Morning”


“I got into it just because I loved doing it. It became something that really was an escape for me. After a long day of school, I would just come home and play my guitar and write. I simply chose this path because I had passion for it and I really loved it.”  – Madelyn Mandry 
Female pop artist, Madelyn Mandry, is taking on the music scene as she pursues her singing and songwriting aspirations in Nashville, Tennessee. We caught up with the US Artist, following the release of her first Ep, “Midnight to Morning“. Four original songs  recorded during her last two years in high school in her hometown of Lubbock, Texas.

Midnight to Morning
Midnight to Morning reveals a glimpse into both her personal and musical experiences during her teenage years. From failing in love, experiencing heartbreak, and finding her own confidence in her music, Midnight to Morning highlights the sometimes turbulent and cultivating moments in Madelyn’s growth as a young woman and musician.  The artist highlights how single “Mine” took her by suprise at the level of popularity received. Providing the undeniable comfort that a soft ballad can be very successful when produced in a certain way. Madelyn explains how the inspiration behind “Mine” came from a relationship that left her with many doubts. “I was doubting that the person I was dating was not over their ex. I really just took all of these doubts and wrote about them. That’s really what the song is about and where it all came together”. 
Her music is best described as indie pop. The artist feels like her style can be both one that is upbeat & a stripped down ballad. Noting her very soft voice, she feels this offers a unique style of sound that allows her music to really hit a chord with her growing fan base. Her favourite song to date has without a doubt been “Change Your Mind”. Highlighting how the essence of the song is about rising up and having the strength to push past fear in an extremely competitive industry. As such has a very special place in the artists heart. Madelyn explains how through her music she hopes to bring melodies and lyrics that are relatable, in addition to covering many different aspects of life, whether this be listeners using her music to evoke an emotion of fun, or utilizing her music to relate to a heartbreak.
Finding Inspiration
Madelyn points to her friends and family as the inspirational support network that encouraged her to be the best version of herself. Highlighting how her family has bent over backwards to support in pursuiing her dream. From supporting through making better connections or simply getting better at her craft. 

“Honestly, I would say most of the time, I’m my worst enemy. I tend to really get in my own head and can get discouraged. It’s really easy to see what other people are doing and begin to feel that your music isn’t adequate or will never “make it” in the industry. I have to remember in these times that I do music because I love it, not because of how many streams I do or don’t have.”

 Opening up about anxiety and depression within the music industry, Madelyn explains how it can be extremely easy to fall into depression/anxiety due to the immense pressure on being liked. She notes how it can be tempting to feel defeated in an industry that is very difficult to be successful in. An industry where you can always practice a little more, write another song, or post another piece of content to social media. “This can feel overwhelming at times. I find myself wondering, “Will it ever be enough?” This is something I really have to force myself to let go of, and remind myself that I do music because I love it. I have to do things in order to not ever lose the love, by just playing and writing for myself”. 
Madelyn firmly believes finding people who match your style will make or break your vision as an artist. Her advice is to find people who understand you as an artist and stick with them.  She highlights the importance of staying true to her you are, and what you want before you get into it. Referencing the music industry which in itself can be a very opinionated industry, she points out if you truly know what you want and who you are, you will save yourself doubt and you’ll be able to make music you truly love. 
Facing Challenges Head On
Madelyn explains how some of the hardest things she has faced is being noticed or standing out. Since moving to Nashville, the artist opens up about finding it difficult to stand out when everyone is chasing the same thing. “That’s when I really have to stay with it and not give up. Having resilience in a town like this is very important”.  The artist is currently focused on writing and growing her audience on social media.