Rock Artist Brocarde on her new single Twisted and refusal to be limited by other’s imaginations!


“Growing up I only ever wanted to do one thing and that was be a performer. I loved acting and singing and I got hooked on the buzz that being on stage gives you.” – Brocarde

The artist explains how her first experiences of music were traditional and very rigid ranging from hymns in sunday school to piano recitals, and training as an opera singer. Pointing to her time at school, Brocarde recalls how she used to hide in the woods and write poetry and songs. A place where she found her imagination could take over and develop, allowing her to express her emotions. In her own words, she was able to turn something sad into something beautiful, and has been writing music ever since. We caught up with the artist in the lead up to her latest release Twisted. A single which Brocarde describes as “an anthem to diminish all boxes and preconceived notions and a rally cry to tear up the rule book, a refusal to be limited by others’ imaginations. It’s an anthem for all those who feel judged and misrepresented”.

She further explains how her previous single Love Me ’Til I’m Beautiful was very aligned with her heart strings so she wanted to twist perspectives and portrait a similar message from a more confident, satirical stance point. Brocarde points to the orchestrated emotions that define her music. She views music and lyrics as a way of showcasing her “heart”.  “It’s a melting pot of all I am, the good the bad and the ugly. I have no rule book. I can’t answer what makes me stand out, it’s for others to decide what I am to them”.

Last Supper

The artists favourite creation to date has been her first single “Last Supper”. Brocarde points to being reborn at this moment. A time where she suffered from a great deal of  angst and frustration to unleash. The song [Last Supper] allowed the artist to close the door on her old life and open the window to a new one.

Brocarde aims to provide “brutal honesty” through her music. Lyrics that are in some way identifiable. To provide strength to those who feel lost or alone or feel like they don’t fit into any particular landscape. She highlights her music taking an all inclusive element to allow her listeners to run with which ever emotion they are most identifying with. The artist highlights how she did not enjoy her teenage years.  However, through this tough period of her life, Brocarde was able to create an environment where she could draw on aspirations and high expectations which has forever instilled a lot of ambition within the artist. “To be the best, to achieve more, to win, I torture myself a lot and I’m very hard on myself but I won’t lower my expectations for anyone. It comes down to what drives you, pain and adversity is fuel to me.” Explaining how she  had to constantly pretend to be something she was not and constantly fight, for survival. As an adult the artist refuses to be something she is not.

The Right Mix

Brocarde believes surrounding yourself with good people in life and people who understand you are crucial in all areas of life, none more so than within the music industry where she points to lots of ego and a lot of will to control. She highlights how as an artist she was  lucky enough to find people who didn’t fight her vision and allowed her to do exactly what she wanted musically and visually, without rules or agenda. “This contributed massively to me being myself and creating music and visuals that are uncompromised and 100% me”.

Brocarde feels its vitally important to be careful what advice you take & trust your gut as nobody knows whats best for you better than you. To not let people use your ambitions and aspirations against you, be confident and firm in who you are and know what you are willing to compromise. To know what’s for sale and how much of you you are prepared to sell. And finally, to make sure you have good people around you as you’re going to need them.

She explains how her biggest challenge has been overcoming perseverance. She points to perseverance as an endurance test and a point of note she finds to be the true challenge. Highlighting how the more successful you get the more people want to bring you down, the more hurdles you have to jump. Brocarde is currently enjoying creating new content to share with the world, so fasten your seat belts!

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