Dutch Joelle Charan on her new EP Ashira and staying true to her roots!


We caught up with upcoming artist Joelle Charan. Raised in Amsterdam, the artist celebrates her Hindustani roots in her identity and sound by infusing her dreamy pop songs with classical Indian instruments. Her new release Man In a Town Car is inspired from living in New York. She goes onto explain how new EP Ashira and single Man In A Town Car have developed her personally as an artist. She points to having grown in fusing her heritage into her sound and bringing ancient Indian instruments into a modern context.

Joelle strives to contribute to the healing of Indian-Surinamese collective injury by fusing east and west in her musical style. Referencing how her parents blended eastern and western ideals in their home and by following their example, she hopes her music can  help break the cycle of prejudiced attitudes which are still too prominent in today’s society.

Feeling empowered by her mixed heritage and religions; she is keen to celebrate that with her music. Fusing her identity into her sound by integrating ancient Indian instruments and bringing them into a new context.

Through her music, she hopes to explore the inner depths of her memories and emotions, fusing ancient east and modern west in her sound to honour her own truth. “I hope to offer a cleansing experience to those who listen to my lyrics, encouraging love and acceptance for oneself and others”. Joelle explains that the reference behind Ashira means “I will sing”. She explains that she no longer feels trapped by the injustices of her family’s past and feels blessed by her heritage.

She notes the importance of finding people in the music industry that are akin to the music she wants to produce. Joelle recommends not being only focused on what’s happening in your college or university. To keep track of what’s going on outside. To find your own sound, and people to help you. Be assertive and keep trying, and to not be put out by anything and, never give up. She highlights her biggest challenge to date has been  getting heard and noticed as an unsigned singer-songwriter, and finding a firm audience and fanbase.

Joelle is currently working on new music for her third EP, and is looking forward to building a solid foundation as an artist.

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