Swedish Quartet Cocopuffs on their new release “Falling in Love”


“Music have always been a big part of our lives. Two of the Cocopuffs members have parents who are musicians, and all of us have played multiple instruments since we were kids so it has come naturally for us.” – Cocopuffs
2020, began the story of four characters from four different countries on a quest to create head bopping music, through the sound of dance.  We caught up with band quartet Cocopuffs ahead of their latest release “Falling in Love”. Inspired by their first release “Easy to Love”, the artists wanted to recreate similar sounds and make the track more fit for the dance scene. The artist highlight how their new track has enabled them to experiment and develop their sound by mixing genres and different sets of material culminating in a sound they can take into future productions.

For the artists, music is very personal. So when it comes to evoking emotions from the fans, Cocopuffs are keen to spread love, joy and happiness through their music. The band themselves having explored an incredible emotional journey together from a very young age, having been brought by their parents to Sweden as refugees from the war in Yugoslavia.
“Growing up and seeing our parents hard work, and all the sacrifices they’ve made inorder for us to have a better life is something that inspires us everyday and also makes us comfort able knowing everything can be achieved with hard work and dedication.”
The band believe there will always be people that will doubt and not see the vision they have envisioned. Keen to surround themselves with a tight knit circle of family and friends, especially those that share their belief and share their vision. They open up about going through days where  they feel anxious through the perseverence of their vision. It doesn’t matter how sure we are of what we do and that we will reach all our goals, some days there are small echoed voices in the head questioning everything. But for us the only way to silence these voices are to work even harder, when we know that we’re doing everything we can and that we keep on making good songs we feel at ease.”
Referencing social meida, the artists note the importance that social media has in driving a successful career. However, importantly pointing out that their focus is on the production and being in the studio creating the music they love. Their advice is for those wishing to follow their path into the music industry to “Just do it”. Pointing to the digital age we live in where technology has made it possible for everyone to make music. “The crazy thing is that no one needs any musical schooling these days to make a hit record. But we would definitively encourage everyone to start learning an instrument first because it will give an advantage in producing when knowing musical theory.”
The bands biggest challenge to date has been deciding which way to go with their music. Keen to not limit themselves to just one genre.  They are currently working on multiple projects, with plans to stengthen their image and work on even better material to share with their fan base well into 2021 and beyond.
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