Warner Bros and DC Comics link up for their latest installment in DC League of Superpets. With an all star cast, voiced by Dwayne Johnson [Krypto], Kevin Hart [Ace], Vanessa Bayer [PB], John Kransinki [Superman], and Keanu Reeves [Batman]; could the film deliver. Staying true to DC comics, absolutely. A true DC fanfare, and Warner Bros at it’s best.

For fans of the DC Universe, DC League of Superpets offers a sense of nostalga. Paying homage to the origins of Superman as a story introduction is a very nice touch. Directed by Sam Levine (known for Wreck It Ralph); and Jared Stern (Lego Batman Movie); and co-produced by John Whittington (Sonic the Hedgehog 2); the story follows Krypto (who for his part is a very obnoxious canine) on his quest to save Superman when he is kidnapped by Lulu (the guinea pig), played by Kate McKinnon. By far one of the stand out characters in the film. McKinnon’s performance is nothing less than a master class on how to take on a voiceover role. You find yourself drawn into her performance, which is incredibly refreshing, and very believable.

Johnsons and Hart’s bromance in real life, is very well choreographed into the story, and Hart’s comedic quips keep you entertained throughout the film. With a lot of adult references throughout the film which have been very cleverly placed. The film offers a deeper story of the bond of friendship, and how even the most arrogant and obnoxious of characters can be stripped away to reveal their vulnerabilities. Being critical, i feel it would have been good to add more depth to the backstory. Although in fairness to the producers, trying to do so in 1h 46 min’s is not by any means an easy feat. Something i hope Warner Bros and DC Comics will consider bringing to a series like “How To Train Your Dragon”; as i feel there are so many storylines that can allow the audience to really get underneath each of the characters.

If you are fan of the DC Universe, then this film is 100% for you. I am also in no doubt that kids will absolutely love this film!

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