Our resident host Grace Sanders caught up with the extremely talented Josie Ho. Josie Ho’s masterclass recently took place at the UK’s renowned National Film and Television School (NFTS) and showcased sample works by Josie as both a producer and actress. The class explored her artistic vision in fashion, music, film, and the combination of her multimedia interests; her experience of being an international film producer between the East and the West; her mission to support young talents and beyond. Students at the school had an opportunity to engage with Josie and ask her questions about her career. Josie is the first Hong Kong artist to be invited to the NFTS.

“I think the serendipity of timing and entertainment is an often underestimated point […] If a project that was conceived two years ago lands on a certain day, will it still be within the zeitgeist, or not? […] When we lose the best timing to launch a movie or CD or whatever, it hurts. I have lived through [that experience] but I never give up. I tell myself to wait, find a different angle, spot your next opportunity, and don’t let anyone divert your next chance.”