Introducing 26 year old Antonio ‘Tony Talks Baldwin. Baldwin is one of the most recognized and sought after comedic influencers on social media. His video content features wig-wearing characters who are influenced by growing up in a household full of women. 

“What I absolutely love the most about combining my social media and comedy is that I have full creative control. Although there can sometimes be an ease of having an established script, it can leave you feeling a little limited as a creator!”

We caught up with the comedian to uncover the vale driving Antonio’s passion for comedy. He begins by explaining how comedy allows the influencer to escape from life’s problems. “It’s a medicine”, he goes onto point out. Reminding us to not take life too seriously, with a mission to spread that message as much as he can. 

Antonio explains how he pursued acting traditionally for a number of years. However, it got to a stage for the comedic influencer, where the no’s were taking its toll. Instead, he chose the path of comedy, with a view that he would say yes to himself, and create the doors for the comedian to walk through. Whilst admitting that there was no one in particular that influenced his decision. Seeing comedy flourishing on social media gave Anthony the leap of faith to pave his own way.

As a character preference, Antonio has a specific interest in playing the bad guy that everyone loves. He explains how the villain’s shoes is always fun to full as it is completely in contrast to who he is as a person. His preference is Cinderella, although does not shy away from playing roles which entail more of an edge, like the evil stepmom.

Antonio’s background saw him attending Words in Motion acting studio for a few years. Involving himself with drama at high school; and theatre for a semester at college. He highlights how these skills not only trained the comedian for the camera but gave Antonio the confidence to put himself out in the world!

I recommend an acting class or two for everyone, regardless if you plan to pursue it as a career or not! It is just a great way to get out of your comfort zone!”

When it comes to social media, Baldwin firmly believes that social media is your resume. With the view that social media offers an amazing outlet to showcase what you can offer the world. Whilst at the same time being mindful to not take it too seriously. Naturally, every profession comes with it’s challenges. For the comedian, he opens up about getting nervous when speaking to large crowds. To combat this, he runs towards them [the fear]; facing them head on. Something that he admits is difficult at first, becomes second nature over time. 

The comedian admires all creatives that put themselves out there. “I admire the drive to stand out. These individuals find some beautiful ways to make their presence known and I love to see it. Some people I look up to are not particularly influencers, but I enjoy works of Jim Carey, Debra Wilson, Martin Lawrence and many more!” He explains how it is very easy to get distracted in the world of social media because there’s so many different paths that can be taken. Choosing to believe that where people may struggle in picking a path that may not be authentic for them.  By their very nature, they are when the biggest challenges can arise because the focus has shifted from fulfilling yourself to satisfying others.

Antonio explains that the answer of fulfilment has changed so much over the years, as he has continued to grow and learn. He points out how he never dreamed of work, but simply great life experiences. With a bucket list to include collaborating with other creators on a sketch comedy show! With further reference to his Tony Talks show, which for the influencer is here to stay! With even more exciting content in store! 

As a final piece of advice, Antonio’s belief is not forgot your why, and to always stay true to who you are; even if you are not in the right space. To not chase the audience, as the audience will always find you.