We got an exclusive look at the latest DC film to grace our theatres this year. I must admit, initially i was in two minds, as previous DC films this year had whilst offered a glimpse of brilliance; did not fully live up to the expectations built up in the lead up to the film’s release. In this respect, Blue Beetle was a breath of fresh air. Full of cultural authenticity, and a true bag of fun! Alongside a great cast, that offered a story line that was as much filled with non-stop action, yet equalled with ingenious sketches which left you in stitches.

For those unfamiliar with the origins of Blue Beetle. The history dates back all the way to 1939. First appearing in Mystery Men Comics #1 in 1939 as Dan Garrett, an archaeologist who found a magic scarab in an Egyptian ruin. Blue Beetle later morphed into a new character, brilliant inventor Ted Kord, created by Steve Ditko and first appearing in Captain Atom #83 (1966).

The filmmakers took the opportunity to create a new home for Jaime and his family: Palmera City, a bright and bustling urban sprawl with its own unique heartbeat, much like Metropolis and Central City (but with numerous nods to El Paso and a handful of Easter eggs for its fans and residents).

Jaime [played by Maridueña – Cobra Kai] is the first Reyes to graduate college—as another nod to canon, he attended in Gotham City—and is excited to come home, see his family and prepare for law school in the near future. Arriving home, Jaime feels as though the rug has been pulled out from underneath him. He learns of the family business failing, the rent spiking due to gentrification and worst of all, his father’s declining health. Jaime suddenly feels the weight of the world on his shoulders and, in an attempt to help out, looks to find a job. Fate has other ideas for Jamie when he comes in contact with not Ted Kord, but his daughter, Jenny, who entrusts Jaime with a relic that will change his and the entire Reyes family’s lives forever…

Without going to into more detail, the film is a must watch! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the reactions from my fellow reviewers were met with joy, as Blue Beetle sets a stage for DC to move forward and challenge the status quo on what we can expect to see from DC films going forward.

The film is out tomorrow! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW – you will not be disappointed!