Exclusive Interview: Michael Calfan – DJ & Producer


Michael Calfan is a Parisian DJ and producer who was first discovered by the iconic French house legend Bob Sincar in 2008; since then Michael has gone onto release huge records ‘Treasured Soul’ and ‘Nobody Does It Better’ under the Spinnin’ Records imprint amassing an incredible 110 million streams on Spotify collectively.

We caught up with Michael to find out more about his new album and his journey into the music industry.

Michael first considered a career in music at the age of 15. Having listened to Cassius, Daft Punk, and Modjo, he started to produce music in his bedroom. Openly admitting “it’s a real challenge to find your style, test some new sounds, find some good and original ideas”. 

When it comes to the inspiration behind Michael’s music, it’s something he finds difficult to explain, as the very nature of his songs, with particular reference to his new release “Wild Game” are drawn from his experiences of the culture and atmosphere within London. This subsequently enabled his latest track to be completed in collaboration with Monique Lawz really quickly.

For Michael, he feels his music stands out because he does what he loves, and tries to be different. “I offer something unique, something you don’t listen on the radio at the moment.”

As a favourite song, he enjoys all his tracks, however, has a special place in his heart for It’s Wrong and Treasured Soul.

Ultimately, he hopes his fans have the opportunity to listen to his music in their car and other tracks in a festival or club scene.

However, Michael equally remains very  humble in light of his success. “I feel pretty lucky to the people I am surrounded by. My family, friends and of course management are protective with me so I can really focus on producing music.”

The key is finding people in the music industry that are open minded to the music you are producing and the career in general.

In his free time, which Michael openly admits is 90% music, he enjoys going out with his friends and family, and enjoying life outside the studio & club, which fulfills a majority of his daily routine.

For students looking to get into the music industry, Michael recommends following your passion, and doing what you love. To be inspired, but look to offer something new, original and unique.

Moving forward, Michael is keen to keep releasing music and making people dance and appreciate his music, all around the world.