Exclusive Interview with American Duo Big Gigantic


We caught up with Big Gigantic, Dominic Lalli (Saxophone/production) & Jeremy Salkan (Drums); having just released their new single “Where I Wanna Be”. Having first gained worldwide recognition for “All of Me” with renowned rapper Logic, they have achieved over 3 million downloads with over 75 million streams.

Taking it back a step before it all began, the duo were both sole musicians. Dominic graduated from Manhattan School Of Music in NYC with the Saxophone, and subsequently moved to Colorado, where whilst working as a Barista to make ends meet, formed up with an Afrobeat funk band where he played a lot of jazz gigs and weddings. Jeremy on the other hand, took his music playing in small bars whilst working as a delivery driver.

It just so happened that as they became roommates, Dominic bought a laptop and started writing music and making beats, and decided to try to make something of it. He called up Jeremy and Big Gigantic was born.


For Jeremy. every song they make is a big learning process throughout. Which he openly admits is one of the best parts. To continue to look to grow through every step.

This song (Where We Wanna Be) we really wanted to dedicate to our fans. Some of the lyrics being.. ‘You’re everything to me… don’t need nothin.. this is where i wanna be..’ So we wanted to just give a shout out to our fans on this one because they really do mean the world to us because they enable us to do what we love every day and they support it so it’s pretty amazing to us. And there’s really no place we’d rather be than at a show playing to our fans. The best feeling!

Describing their music, Jeremy believes the thing that makes them stand out so much is the saxophone element throughout and also being live, “the saxophone and drums with the songs live is what really makes us stand out from other acts.”

To date their latest song “Where We Wanna Be” has been their favourite song. The main reason behind this is the duo love all the different elements the new song brings. From the first big drop, to the sax solo in the middle, and, the big melodic ending.

Finding the Right Connections

Jeremy believes there is really something to be said about having a circle of like minded people being creative. “Putting other artists on and things like that as well. Its important that the cycle keeps going.” At the same time, the duo are firm believers in working hard every day, especially as in their view, to be a success, you need to work your “tail off”.