Exclusive Interview with RVBY – “My Time to be Free”


Inspired by people’s jealously and envy, ‘Glow’ is an 80s inspired track that speaks about her sense of self-worth almost being threatened. ‘Glow’ is the follow up to RVBY’s infectious singles ‘Hanging On’ and ‘L.O.V.E.

We caught up with Ruby Donadel (aka RVBY) about her new track and to find out what’s in stall for this bright young star.

Beyond the track’s uplifting and anthemic message, the word ‘Glow’ itself has become an important mantra for RVBY. The word is tattooed on her arm as a way to channel her inner light on a day to day basis.

In the beginning

Following her school years Ruby decided to go on and study something that would satisfy her creative mind as well as something she had always been deeply passionate about – “it was my time to be free!”

Having attended Bath College to study music performance, accompanied by many gruelling nights of gigging in local pubs with her acoustic guitar. She finally got noticed by Bristol record label Funnel Music, and so her journey begun!

Following the release of her new track “Glow”, Ruby feels people have an even more clear idea of who she is as an artist. The song has a very special place within, although admittingly, the young artist professes her lyrics seem so simple it tells the story exactly how she want people to hear it. “There are some people in life who won’t  support what you do, they’ll become jealous of the way you do things”.

She explains Glow is  about turning a blind eye to other people who bring you down. From a more personal perspective, to her own self-deprecation – “that voice inside that tells you you’re not good enough. You’re always good enough!”

RVBY Music

RVBY has always loved the sound of the 80’s, and admits is something she is influenced by most when it comes to writing a song.

“I think of the hooks and where the production could go before I’ve even thought about the lyrics. I think my songs are honest, they’re never trying to be something that I’m not. When people tell me they play my music in their car on long journey’s or ask me if I’m playing a certain track they love when they’re watching me live, that’s all that matters to me when it comes to standing out.”

Having recently been back in the studio with one of her favourite producers, Toby Scott. They co-produced a tune called ‘Lovesick’ and for RVBY, everything within creating it felt right. From her mood, to her head space, the vibe at the end of the session just had the young artist attached to it more than anything she had ever written.

For the Fans

RVBY wants anyone who’s feeling anything but themselves to be inspired by Glow. “We can all relate to each other when it comes to feeling like people are not on your side. Hopefully the track brings us together, we need more of that.”

The young artist admits to always having a really supportive family. From having a very musical and supportive dad, to her mom whom adores watching her play, RVBY goes on to describe how her mom always texts before she has even left a session to ask if she can hear what they’ve worked on!

When it comes to finding the right people within the industry to work with, RVBY drills down on how important it is. Having signed to her label as a country artist. They had tracks mastered, her brand ready and everything in line to go when she decided to completely change her path and go with pop. “For those people to believe and support the path I wanted to go down was such a huge thing and I am so thankful.”

Overcoming Challenges and the Future

For Ruby, her biggest challenge she openly admits is social media. Having never been openly fond of it, she 100% recognizes how crucial it it is for an artist to engage with people. Admitting, she’s getting better at it, “I’ve just learned to use it as a positive way to express yourself rather than something negative with too”.

RVBY is currently working on the next release, with plans to start shooting the music video, which she is very excited about! Along with planned studio sessions with some really talented producers, RVBY hinted at plans for some shows in 2020 which she can’t wait for! So..watch this space!!