Exclusive Interview with Singer/Songwriter TYRER


Hailing from Manchester, Tyrer is a London-based artist. By day she is a fashion stylist; by night a singer/songwriter.

“I always wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry and did music as a hobby outside of work. I’ve been musical from an early age; it’s been a part of me.”

Her new debut EP “This is” is something she admits she has been waiting for. For what feels like a long time, Tyrer feels the album has  developed her through the personal struggles she has had to overcome to get to this stage. Of particular note, is battling her own anxieties that accompanied the decision to share her music with the world. Lessons about patience and additional factors that go into pursuing a career as an artist; from the process behind creating a body of work after the initial writing, to the recording process. 

The other side of this spectrum is the the singer/songwriter’s joy at collaborating with talented artists Oscar Scheller and KXNGS; where she found she was inspired to explore different approaches to the writing process, and hence gave her more confidence.

Finding My Sound

With humility, Tyrer identifies her music as an Alternative-Pop, a melancholy feel with sweet melodies which catches the listener. For the artist, what makes her different is the story-telling aspect (writing from personal experience), along with the lyrics that she hopes to resonate with the listener both on an emotional and authentic level.


For Tyrer, the song that really stands out for her above all others is ‘Times We Had’. “I wrote this song at such a dark time; I was going through a really bad depressive state, didn’t leave my bed for about two weeks and wasn’t eating or sleeping.”

She opens up about the incredible support KXNGS brought at the time to help her through this difficult time of her life. By encouraging Tyrer to write; this ultimately defined Tyrer’s path to taking hold of life and put everything into creating and writing her music.

“I want listeners to feel the story with each song! But also to feel from the music that there is positive in dark. Something that is easy to sing along to and something to share with friends! It would be such a massive compliment if a listener felt to share my music with their friends. I have a group of friends that I always am looking for new music from and I’m always sending them new music that I’ve fallen in love with, so for someone else to do that with my music would be super cool! “

Finding Inspiration

Tyrer expresses gratitude and finds inspiration within her mum and

grandad, who have played a massive part in her upbringing. 

With the tragic passing of her dad when she was four, she felt a massive hole missing from her life from an early age. “I think that when you listen to certain songs you can hear that from the lyrics and vocals.”

She express how very lucky she is to have really supportive family and friends in her life. Even people who she works with encourage her to be the best she can be. 

“Just being in the music industry is so tough mentally, it can really knock your confidence and can make you constantly self doubt, questioning if the struggle is worth doing. You’re constantly trying to balance your day jobs, relationships, friendships AND stay healthy and sane so you’re in a creative space, and sometimes it feels impossible.” 

Praising her boyfriend and best friends support for their unwavering support, Tyrer explains how these people are like treasure for her and inspire her to carry on when she feels like giving up.

Finding Your Music

For Tyrer, finding people within the music industry akin to your sound is vitally important and the key in creating your sound and what makes you unique as an artist.For the artist, its all about having the right energy around you as well because as soon as that is off you can feel that with your music too.

As far as the industry is concerned, Tyrer feels the music industry needs to have artists who are true representatives to us.

“I feel that the industry does glamourise everything but I want to see more rawness and realness. We are seeing more and more of this though with artists I admire like Lizzo, Adele and Billie Eilish.”

For students looking to get into the music industry, Tyrer recommends taking on music for the passion and love of doing it. To not to put too much pressure on yourself and just be you. To find out what is unique about you and what your strengths are and work on that and give it your all! Self doubt is completely normal, You got this!

Facing Challenges

To date the biggest challenge has been the struggles mentality that she has opened up about going through. Just getting to grips of being comfortable in my own skin, accepting who I am, the way I look, my personality. I’ve struggled a lot with anxiety and I sometimes come across quite shy which I beat myself up for, but it gets easier day by day! Everyone has that voice inside your head telling you that you aren’t good enough and I think it’s just acknowledging that, accepting it and standing up tall responding to that voice saying ‘ You are not going to dictate this for me, I am in control here’.

Looking to the Future

Tyrer is constantly writing and trying out out different sounds. Currently collaborating with producers TheElements on a body of work that she hopes to share very soon! Lots of exciting things to come.