Exclusive Interview with Girls in Film Founder Nikola Vasakova


Girls in Film (GiF) founder Nikola Vasakova, a London based producer and film curator, recognised the need to bring woman to the forefront of the film industry by creating a support network where female-identifying creatives could meet and collaborate. The network’s new fund for ‘bold female filmmakers’ sees GiF collaborate with Dr. Martens to champion independence, creative freedom and self-expression.

We caught up with Nikola to find out more about her humble beginnings and the history about this ground breaking support network for aspiring female directors and producers.

Finding Her Path

Having originally studied magazine publishing, Nikola graduated and found the film industry was going through a huge digital change which left it in a state of flux and without a possibility of employment for young graduates.

“At the time a lot of people around me were getting into making digital content so I joined the ship and never looked back.” 

GiF, having been setup in 2016, has been supporting young woman in film in various ways, from events, video platform to talks in the industry. For Nikola, having film fund has enabled the team to put investment behind the words and Nikola explains how excited they are to have the opportunity to make this happen with the support from Dr Martens.

Finding Inspiration

“I am lucky to be surrounded by a lot of powerful, ambitious and creative women. It’s my friends and those in my wider circles that I feel constantly inspired and energized by.”

Nikola explains in the beginning, the initial framework didn’t involve looking far to get people on board for their events. However, from the beginning GiF has beenn approached by various industry heads and institutions which has highlighted there is a want for change within the film industry. Nikola believes it is crucial for industry leaders to connect with grassroots organisations that have a genuine relationship with the audience they want to reach.

Nikola highlights how the film industry needs to have more faith in the emerging filmmakers and those that don’t fit in the pale, male, stale mould and give them the money to do things.

We can talk about inequality and diversity till cows go home but until the money is on the table, were not getting far.


For students looking to get involved in the Film Industry, Nikola recommends looking out for opportunities through government institutions like Screenskills. In addition to looking out for what placements there are at production companies that you can apply for. Go to all networking events and screenings and try to create your own crew.

Breaking through Challenges

Balancing financial security and creative independence a common problem amongst all creatives according to Nikola.

They are preparing a 5 week long residency in Central London full of free events open to all, with future plans to setup an incubator for talent that would jump start aspiring female directors and producers into the industy.

Female-identified directors & producers can apply to the fund via www.girlsinfilm.net/film-fund