Exclusive with British Rapper/Songwriter J Grange


J Grange is a British Rapper/Songwriter born in Walthamstow, East London. We caught up with the talented rapper to find out more about his rise to the top and how working through his mental health has defined his music.

Currently 18 years old, J first got into the music industry because of his mental health . He explains how his mental health was leading him down the wrong path, which impacted not only his education but also his impact on society.

I was misunderstood. I was excluded numerous times from different schools. I also had altercations with the police and laws ,ended up in court etc. This day was the turning point. I knew I needed to do something positive and music was the answer.

What’s Your Perfume

J’s new track ‘What’s Your Perfume’ has given him extra confidence as an artist. The British Rapper explains how the tracks are about having a good time with someone you love or are close too. “I think the tone of my voice makes my music stand out . It’s unique, quite distinctive. You instantly know it’s me.” 

 The production of the track was phenomenol he explains. Going onto highlight how the visuals were shot on their Las Vegas strip and in front of the Bellagio fountain! 

For his listeners, J is keen to for his music to provide inspiration. For his audience  to feel positive and also enjoy his music as much as he enjoyed creating it

for them.

 Finding the Right People

Whilst J admits to not having a particular person in his life who inspired his music, he pays a lot of respect to his family and friends that have stuck by him throughout his journey. He explains how it was more the challenges he faced and the way his health was deteriorating that made him focus on music.

“Soon as I thought about music or did anything related to music (e.g writing, going to the studio) all my anger and frustrations left my mind. My own strength inspired me along with the music itself.”

J additionally highlights how important it is to have people close to your music in the music industry, one which for him is fundamentally important! People close to you in the music industry or in your genre can mentor you to become a better artist and inspire you. They can guide and direct you to the place you are heading as an artist. It isn’t what you know it’s who you know! 

The Industry

For J, the current U.K. industry is the best it has even been, especially music wise. Rap artists are definitely getting noticed more and a wider group of people are listening not just the usual market. J’ personally thinks the music industry is very money orientated . Artists coming through should have more support and opportunities.

Openly admitting to admiring a lot of artists . The British Rapper believes having a story himself, he lends himself to admire artists that tell a story. Eminem being of specific reference.

“I can relate to Eminem as he had mental health issues like myself and I know the number of challenges it brings. You have to be strong to pull through it and to see the success Eminem has had is unbelievable. Inspiring.”

For students looking to get into the music industry, J’ believes you can achieve ANYTHING you want to if you put your mind to it. To not let anyone tell you can’t. He explains how there are a lot of doubters and haters out there but to avoid this negative energy, “this way you are 1-0 up”. To stay positive and positive things happen.  Don’t let any negative experiences you may have had or where you have come from etc. affect your mindset. Stay strong. We are all the same and can allow our journey to take us wherever we want it. We’re all in control of our own destiny, no one else. Believe and Achieve. 


 Facing Challenges

Despite being only 18 , the list of challenges J’ has faced is extensive . Openly admitting the mental health issues he suffered was the biggest. It pushed him back mentally in a lot of ways. He had to be very strong to come back from the setbacks that his mind created. J’ Grange now delivers presentations in Pupil referral units inspiring students and telling them his story. 

Looking Forward

J Grange is currently working on a 3 track project.  He is currently in the process of finishing recording his vocals and mixing and mastering the tracks. To be released in April via all digital platforms. 

Once the project has been released he will be working with his videographer to shoot some visuals for the tracks. J’ is keen to look to realise the completion of the videos in the summer. With a music video in Dubai for a track he is featuring on alongside another artist at the end of May. 

Check out J Grange’s website below to follow his journey!

Website: https://jgrangeofficial.com