French Artist Karim Naas has always felt the importance of connecting with music industry professionals. Not only to receive feedback on his work and collaborate with other artists; but because he holds the belief that there is always something to learn from each person you meet with. We caught up with Karim following the release of his latest entry “Feel Alone”.  A release the artist explains constituted an important step in his career, as it embraces the musical direction he felt he needed to pursue for the past few years.

“The song is the most dance-like one I have ever released. One of the biggest influences that led to the creation of this track was my most recent trip to the UK, which enabled me to get even more acquainted with house music”.


Karim’s journey into music started at the age of 10. Consequently, a time where he started to learn about music theory and taking an interest in playing the guitar. The artist explains how he grew up listening to a lot of pop-rock bands such as Fall Out Boy or Panic! at the disco. This followed his discovery of  rap music and began making beats on his computer. With the growth of electro music, Karim was further inspired to start focusing on making his own tracks. With ‘Feel Alone’ in particular he was keen to create a song that immediately makes you happy and an urge to dance!

“When I make music, I use a combination of different vibes – urban, dance, pop – and always think of creating something I would personally enjoy listening to either when attending a party or driving my car”.

Karim feels most of his music is a translation of his personal development. With his music all founded on a key part of the process. Keen to have his listeners feel like they have never heard such songs before. Enabling them to escape from the routine for a moment. 



The artist explains to have embraced social media from the start of his career, with his primary intention to share the music that he makes with listeners from all aspects of life. He goes onto explain how when he was younger, he was highly influenced by French Touch, Daft Punk & Dj Mehdi. Pointing to a lot of admiration for French DJs who have succeeded in making France a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the EDM genre.

Karim believes the key is in turning your interest into a passion. With respect to music, the artist points to the reality of working had and continue pushing until you start to meet with people that will take you seriously…and believe in you! With reference to his recent collaboraiton with Chainsmokers. A remix which has since clocked over 600K streams on spotify.#watchthisspace