Sheffield Music Scene Ed Cosens on FORTUNES FAVOUR & Taking Control!


A long-time lynchpin of the Sheffield music scene, best known as the guitarist and co-songwriter in Reverend & The Makers, Ed Cosens waited to make his solo debut until the time felt right. The artist explains how there was no grand plan to journey into the music industry and ultimately make a career. Having always been interested in music, Cosens began playing instruments at primary school and moved onto playing guitar around the age of 13. “I guess I always liked the idea of being in a band and the prospect of emulating my musical heroes but I don’t think I ever thought it would happen.” It wasn’t until the mid 00’s period that saw the rise of his close friends “Arctic Monkeys” that a career became a realistic possibility. Admittingly mindful that there is always that air of uncertainty and that your next gig may be your last!


Cosens opens up how making the record enable him to indulged his thoughts and ambitions for making records. Having been part of a collaborative band for so many years, the artist explains that there is always a compromise to be made. However, with this solo project he has been able to have total control, which had been both slightly scary and also very liberating for the artist. “Having that control has certainly allowed my musical personality to come to the fore much more”, he explains. The inspiration  largely drawn on past experiences whether being based on relationships, falling in and out of love and making mistakes, or based on other experiences from being in the music industry. Including all the highs and lows that come with that. The artist points out how this is the first time he has properly explored his own thoughts and feelings in lyrics.

For the artist, music is a timeless classic. Highlighting how his style of songwriting is very much of the classic mould, drawing from a love of bands like The Beatles, Talking Heads and artists like David Bowie and Elton John. Cosens believes its the personal, emotive edge to his songs, that draw on universal experiences, offering the album a feeling that it can relate to anyone and that everyone can understand what the songs are about and take something from them.

He points to two songs on the album that he has loved writing and recording, The River and title track Fortunes Favour. For the artist, not only do they speak of things really close to him lyrically, but they’re both songs that he was really happy with throughout production. Cosens hopes his listeners are able to connect with the themes and subjects of the songs and be able to identify with the songs. “Like I say, the songs all deal with quite universal ideas and I’d love for people to take some element of hope from the songs that if you stick with things and be true to yourself, you can find the right path in the end and be who you want to be.”


In the early days, before Reverend and the Makers, whilst in other bands with people from school days, Cosens opens up about having had a difficult time when someone who he considered at the time a very good friend decided for whatever reason that they were better than the artist and essentially pushed him aside and cast the artist out of the band that he had formed. Unfortunately for Cosens at the time, this was incredibly difficult to take and even understand. Referencing his songs within the album, he highlights how those experiences make you stronger and with a belief in yourself, you can overcome them and ultimately, without wanting to sound like Alan Partridge, have the last laugh!

“I think in reality most people suffer from some sort of depression or anxiety in their lives but perhaps most people don’t ever realise it. I’ve had moments throughout my life where I’ve felt low and
certainly anxious, the music industry is certainly not a kind place sometimes and there is a lot of uncertainty.”

There have been days and times where artist has really struggled to pull himself up and allowed
himself to be taken over by difficult thoughts and fears. Cosens explains how he didn’t think he ever fully appreciated why he found himselff in these low moments and it’s only now looking back that he can see what was going on and understand. Highlighting how he was lucky to have that ever present support and love from his wife and family to pull him through, even though he openly admits he may not have known it at the time. Noting that anyone feeling low or anxious should be talking and letting people know, as difficult as it may seem, as for the artist this is the best way to help! #watchthisspace