Exclusive with Soul Singer Jake Isaac


Born and raised in South London, Jake has been in the music industry for a number of years. Having started out as a session musician, and played drums for a number of pop, jazz and rock and roll acts whilst was at uni. Something which quickly developed into him pursuing a career as an artist. We caught up with the talented artist to find out about his unique journey into the music industry! A journey by which he has made a personal choice to go down a more independent route to be in control of the music he wants to develop.


For Jake, his new song TOMORROW  is the soundtrack outlining his life journey…”sometimes as a creative there can be so many moments where you feel like quitting due to the worry of what happens (or doesn’t happen) next. This song for me is a massive reflection of this whole process”.
Describing his music as Soul, Jake feels over time his choice of sound has taken different shapes genre wise and sonically. His favourite creation to date has been a song called  You And I Always. A single he started writing in his living room and ended up finishing with a good friend in the outback in South Africa on a writers retreat!

Looking to invoke the same emotional response from his listeners to that of when he was writing and producing his music, Jake humbly admits to his life being formed by the people around him in a very positive and inspiration light. Something as a creative he has found incredibly vital in his pursuit of making his dream a reality!
Taking a fresh perspective to the challenges of working in the music industry,  Jake explains he used to think it was vitally important, but now he realises, not everyone’s gonna get what you do, and that’s totally ok!

Looking Forward

For Jake Isaacs, the music industry needs to produce more music around the emotional elements of people’s lives, than focusing on charts. With his inspiration falling to MOTOWN!; Jake insists hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. A note to students looking to follow his footsteps into the music industry.

Jake is currently in the writing phase of his second album, and aspires to open up a songwriters college to support fellow artists.