Glaswegian Artist Kerri Watt on taking Inspiration and finding her debut Neptune’s Daughter


“As an artist, putting together a full body of work such as an album let me explore different stylistic avenues and have the time to develop my ‘sound.” – Kerri Watt

Kerri Watt has always loved music and performing. Having grown up dancing, acting and played piano from a very young age; there was never a question of whether or not she would end up working in entertainment! She highlights how her during her first professional job in a touring musical, she began teaching myself the guitar in her down time and quickly fell in love with playing and songwriting. I tested those first few songs out at open mic night’s back home in Glasgow and things really just snowballed from there”. We caught up with the Glaswegian artist in anticipation of her debut album Neptunes Daughter. An album inspired by years of experience living and breathing the music industry. The artist points to the album offering a range of diverse elements, from love and heartbreak, to family and adventure!

Neptunes Daughter

Watt’s music is a blend of her favourite genres – blues, country, rock and soul with honest but fun lyrics according to the artist. “I think the flares of my Scottish accent coming through help give it a strong identity and more than anything hopefully people can hear how much fun I had recording these tracks!” The title track ‘Neptune’s Daughter’ noted as her favourite creation to date. Watt highlights how she strives for her songwriting to create a musical space where people can go to escape life for a while – or enjoy life even more! “I hope people can relate the lyrics to their own life and in the upbeat ones, hope they can dream about sunny places and going on adventures!” 

The artist explains how she owes much of her success personally and musically to her family. Despite having no experience within the entertainment industry, she points out how her parents supported her dreams to perform from a very young age and have continued to do so to this day. “They’ve picked me up from my lowest moments and helped me shine through the best”. She opens up about being fortunate enough to not have had to endure bullying; although points plenty of doubters that have thrown their opinions into the ring throughout her journey. Learning to tune the noise out, she instead finds strength in the support offered by her family, which spurs the artist forward. 

Dealing with Anxiety

Watt opens up about suffering from anxiety quite badly in school. “It took me years to over come and even in college I sometimes suffered from it”. The artist never felt comfortable talking about it at the time and believes had she had spoken up, she could have had support to help her through it. Today, the artist pushes through the anxiety build up by shutting her eyes and taking deep breathes. Picturing the ocean and reminding herself that at the end of the day, the thing that’s stressing her out does not really matter in the big picture.

Perseverance has been the artists greatest challenges. Highlighting how when she got into the music business, she didn’t know if she would have success within a year or 10 years. “I’m finally getting to release my debut album and do something exciting and it has taken me a decade to get here. Being a solo artist can be incredibly lonely, especially when you’re playing small acoustic tours and driving yourself round the country in the dark Winters!” Watt points to the patience she has had to practice to be in this game has taught her far more about who she is, what she can handle, whilst offering an abundance of opportunity to prove herself along the way.

Taking Inspiration

The artist loves the outdoors. Hiking and running at every chance she gets. Living in the Scottish countryside offeres a level of meditation and freedom for the artist. Watt explains how it is easier than ever to be an artist today. Referencing the rise of social media and Logic [music making software], allowing you the perfect place from which to perfect your sound and produce music from home.From my experience, I definitely think the more you can do yourself, the better. Signing with a manager or label doesn’t necessarily mean success and there’s so much ground work you can be doing on your own.” For the artist it’s important to learn to produce, share your music online, find kindred spirits to collaborate. To not be afraid of putting yourself out there, and be true to yourself! Highlighting the fundemental principles that make you stand out is there’s nobody out there like you so remember that and never try to be a version of somebody else. To take inspiration from your favourite artists!

All focus is currently on her debut album Neptune’s Daughter out January 15th. “I can’t wait for people to hear it and hopefully one day (soon-ish) getting to play the songs live on stage and sing along with everyone”. #Watchthisspace

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