US Psych-electronic duo Gilligan Moss on Special Thing, & Finding their Sound!


Psych-electronic duo Gilligan Moss unique sound has drawn them to both sample-based music and making music inspired by the outdoors and their love for seventies records. The US based pair have released 3 EP’s and toured internationally with Glass Animals, Toro Y Moi and Tourist, as well as played major festivals such as Coachella, Pitchfork Paris and Electric Forest. We caught up with them prior to the release of their latest entry [Special Thing]. Comprised of Ben and Evan; Ben explains how he had been involved with music since childhood. However, never had his eyes trained on making his own tunes until he met up with Evan. 

“Part of me always wanted to work in the music biz, and after a strange set of career hurdles and some happy accidents, I was able to join up with Ev and make it possible in a way I never imagined. I am not sure exactly why I’m drawn to it; It’s amazing that there are still sounds and song ideas that feel new, even though mankind has been at it for so long”.

Their latest entry Special Thing was born out of searching for something that could “burn down the dancefloor”, the duo explain. Ben goes onto highlight how Evan initially thought it was one for the “garbage pile”, but was able to dust off the parts they didn’t gel with. and turn it into something they both love. Their aim is to stand out from the “canon of darker and more serious feeling electronic music! Seeking to offer their fans a mixture of surprise, joy, laughter and holy trinity through their music.

Ben explains how he is personally motivated by people whose energy is boundless. The feeling that the duo personalities are in sync, constantly motivating one another to think about things in a different way. The duo open up about feeling insecure as artists in the perseverance of bringing their music to the world, recalling statements which included “your music will only ever be good as a hobby”. Ben explains how he personally struggles with the realities being an artist brings. “I find it to be an exercise in constant self-examination and self-doubt. When the task at hand is “make something good,” things can feel paralyzing to me. But ultimately, I think I’m able to stay on top of it by changing my routine constantly, and surrounding myself with positive people”.

The duo point out that when it comes to social media, they are more interested in making good music than making good ‘content’. A point that are keen to improve on, and highlight how it offers a nice access line to their fans, old and new. It’s always really nice to hear from someone who connects with the music , they explain, especially while shows are hibernating, as the duo realize it’s a vital tool to get feedback on what their fans think.

The duo are constantly looking for songs and artists to emulate. Pointing out how one of their strengths is the ability to draw from a really wide berth of music and connect disparate elements. Having found a number of great friends and mentors (Glass Animals, for instance!), and really cherish all of their musical partners, as for the duo, going alone is not an option.

The duo see messaging people who work within the music industry a great route into the industry, in addition to asking probing questions. “We’re always available”, they point out. Going onto highlight the importance of trying things that seem fun to you, irrespective of the outcome ie. “if radio seems neat, try making a station, even if it’s fake. Just try to do as much as you can all the time while you are still in school, because you’ll be leaps ahead if you get a jump-start”.

They explain how their biggest challenge has been figuring out how to make music sustainable. Noting how for a vast majority of artists, the journey into music is anything but a flashy affair. You need to be consistent and resilient to make things happen for yourself! Currently, the duo are working on a new batch of songs. #watchthisspace