Los Angeles based Actress & Recording Artist Kacey Fifield on Pursuing a Dream!


Los Angeles based actress & recording artist Kacey Fifield has loved acting as long as she can remember, she explains. Pointing out how as a child, she would reenact scenes from the TV shows she watched as well as perform self-written “plays” for her family. Growing up in Chicago, the actress remembers having an amazing childhood, going to the park almost every day and taking piano and dance lessons as well as playing various sports. We caught up with the talented actress/recording artist to find out more about her amazing journey to date!

Nickelodeon’s React to That

In “React to That,” the actress plays herself. Going onto explain how the idea was all about genuine reactions to funny/viral content as well as participating in fun challenges against other reactors. With a  personal favorite being the Pizza Slap challenge! 

Kacey explains how it can be incredibly nerve-wracking to audition. The actress choosing to take time to prepare for her character as well as memorize her lines beforehand as a way to give her the best chance of pulling the audition off; openly admitting that you can never be too well-prepared. She highlights how she analyses the character breakdown provided by the casting director, creating a back story to fill in any holes as prep work:

 “Before the start of the scene, I figuratively step into the character’s shoes and remind myself of what she was doing the moment before the first line of the scene”.

As a high school student taking AP courses and involved in extracurricular activities while being in the entertainment industry, she opens up about dealing with huge amount of pressure and stress. Personally finding that through managing and allocating her time effectively, helps keep her mental health on an even keel. “Rejection is common; as cliche as it sounds, there are hundreds of no’s for every yes from a casting director. It’s not always easy to persevere, but the benefits of that one “Yes!” far outweigh the harm of being rejected”. What keeps her going in spite of this is her love of being able to portray other characters as well as being able to bring out a bit of herself in each role she plays.

Pursuing Success

Kacey references how there are always haters along the way to pursuing your dream. Going onto highlight that the most important thing that you need to remember is that their negativity is just them projecting their inner unhappiness onto you, not a true attack on who you are. “I think everyone struggles with motivation at times but, for me, I’m always able to get back on track by reminding myself of my goals and what I’m working towards”.

Aside from acting, the actress is also a singer/songwriter with multiple original singles. Her music seeking to convey a message that listeners can relate to. Available on every digital outlet, Kacey is extremely proud of what she has been able to accomplish. With the view that you should never give up! To work hard to improve your skills and keep persevering in the face of rejection. There’s a lesson to be learned in every experience #watchthisspace