Keees. & Robbie Doherty on “Pour the Milk” & remaining Optimistic!


For Keees., music was always a thing they had close to their heart from an early age. From what started as a hobby, they humbly admit to not dreaming they would be sitting in this position they are today with a full time music career.

Doherty on the other hand really enjoyed his own writing, from little riffs and songs at home on the guitar and piano. Emboldened by his yearn to find out more about DJing, Doherty reminisces about being entertained by a DJ whilst on holiday, leading him to ask how to get involved. This action propelled Doherty into a path where he began producing his own electronic music, in addition to teaching himself how to spin records on the decks.

“I had no idea this would later develop into a career in music. Here I am now, going into my final year of university with the best job I could imagine.” – Robbie Doherty

We caught up with the artists ahead of their highly anticipated joint release “Pour the Milk” to discuss their journey and what plans they have in place for the future!

“Pour the Milk”

Keees. highlights how having both liked 80s & 90s tracks, they came across the track & felt they needed to bring it back to life. Robbie points to “Pour the Milk” being the kick in the backside he needed to get his career going! Highlighting how he has always been a massive fan of 90’s house music and the percussion in garage music. For the artist, both genres influenced his direction in “Pour the Milk”. With the vocal being a recognisable sample, Doherty was keen to create a unique instrumental for that standout moment in a club.

Keees. music is identifiable as big basslines, with catchy hooks. Something the team look to showcase in every track they produce.  Doherty’s addition to the mix, has allowed for a more groovy percussion with bleep synth noises and punchy basslines to be added to music, which offers a unique sound, breaking the trend on what the artists feel is out there at the moment.

Doherty explains how his family were the root of his love for all kinds of music! He goes onto highlight how they exposed him to a range of different genres of music. In addition to their support through supporting Doherty in his interest in discovering instruments, which he notes has helped tremendously as both a DJ and producer.

Remaining Optimistic

Doherty opens up about always being a very optimistic person. Coping with pressure, the artist explains this to be something he deals with quite easily. However, the artist highlights how he felt the pressure this year when gigging multiple times a week, getting on multiple trains and flights, with very little sleep on the weekends. All on top of university work and a placement during the week.

“I was absolutely exhausted physically and mentally by the end of this period. I’ve realized It’s important to say if you need a rest and if you have a good team around you like I’m lucky to, they’ll completely understand!”

The artists highlight how extremely important it is to have a trusted support network. As it gives you friendly faces who understand the ups and downs of the niche areas of the music industry. Highlighting social media as a massive part of the creative industries. A tool, which the artists believe is 50% of your career these days! They also point out the importance of not listening to those who say you can’t do both [ref: university and music]! Doherty utilizes his own experience as a prime example:

“I’m still a student myself and have managed pretty well. Living in a university city also provides a great opportunity to network with other artists and promoters. Just get out there and graft some gigs! But know your worth, as I often see really talented student DJ’s playing gigs for nothing but a few cans of cider!”

Keees. explains that if you are passionate about what direction you want to go, to 100% go for it. You will come across tough times, however this affords you the opportunity to bounce back stronger and keep pushing & you will get to where you want to be!

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