Half Alive Exclusive: Music and Passion


Launching 2019 with a bang, Half Alive launched their breakout single ‘Still Feel’ which has since garnered over 25 million streams to date. We caught up with the talented trio to find out more about their incredible journey, and what plans are in place for the future.

For lead singer, Josh Taylor and bassist, J Tyler Johnson, getting into music seemed the natural thing to do. “We all feel so passionate about music and sharing a message that’s uplifting”. Ultimately, creating art that felt unique to the trio was vitally important.

With the release of their new track “Runway”, a track that was written in true form, in an Air Bnb, in the mountains of South California “Big Bear”. For Josh, writing the track in a way to say “when you find yourself in a bad situation in life, there is something within that gives a sense of security..everything you are is everything you should be”. The trio go on to explain that through their experience and what they have witnessed others experience that being in the moment is okay. The fact that despite being young and seemingly having a plan in place, plans fall apart, and turn out differently to what you initially imagined.

Turning back to their music, drummer Brett Kramer explained they try to make their music fun, dance orientated, whilst taking inspiration from some of their favourite artists. “We have a long process of filtering through lyrics to make sure that they really show what message we are trying to portray in that song”.

For the trio, they want their listeners to listen to the record and “be like these guys get it, they know what I am going through”. To represent and describe the human experience, whilst allowing their listeners to feel peace, hope and joy through their music.

Now Not Yet

The new album “Now Not Yet” is a continuation of what the trio have been writing about and what they would like to talk about. “This tension that is inherent through the human experience”. Josh explains that even the band name Half Alive is describing that same tension between the fold into life and death simultaneously and with you ending up in this in between stage, half alive.

Their inspiration stem from their management team. From Jaw Collective, who drive and push their aesthetic and help bring their songs to life, to their family, who have had a big influence on their journey.

Looking to the music industry, the trio believe the industry itself needs people who are honest, challenging the norms of pop culture, whether in America or general pop culture anywhere around the world. For J Tyler, challenging the view points on quick lifestyle and the business of things in general are key.

Career in the Music Industry

For students looking to get into the music industry, Brett advises aspiring musicians to challenge themselves. To figure our their strengths and weaknesses, whilst learning how to push in to the areas that they may not be particularly strong in.

The biggest challenge the trio have faced in trying to keep what they started. From the mindset and the mission of everything they began with. Further to this is the challenge of trying to keep their head space as they go into busier seasons, especially that they are now trying to tour, shoot music videos and release the album,

Looking to the future, the trio want to continue to push what they have built this year, and create many more amazing songs, albums and most importantly memories!

You can catch half alive in November, when they will beginning their UK wide tour, with shows in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Half Alive’s debut album ‘Now Not Yet’ is out 9th August.