Honeymood – Film Review


The Israeli comedy ‘Honeymood’, written and directed by Talya Lavie, was the first film I watched as a part of this year’s digital London Film Festival. Without knowing anything going in, despite the length, title & genre, I was pleasantly surprised by the first film of the festival and found its darkly comedic approach a brilliant gateway to view into the lives of this newlywed couple.

Taking place all over one night, that being their wedding night, Honeymood starts as a simple comedic-premise, which then descends into a chaotic voyage through the streets of Jerusalem. Encountering troublesome ex-partners, obsessive parents, and eccentric members of the public, our two protagonists, played nuance and comedic brilliance by Avigail Harari & Ran Danker, struggle to keep not only their relationship – but themselves – together.

Despite the film almost getting out of Lavie’s hands at a few moments, with the script perhaps being a tad too colossal and overbearing at times, the sharp humor of the film, and the brisk pace keeps the film a very enjoyable watch.

With some truly laugh out loud moments, including a stellar performance from a robot vacuum cleaner, Honeymood was a very enjoyable way to start the London Film Festival. Whilst almost getting out of the director’s grip, the script manages to stay vibrant and tight, whilst delivering refined performances and some quite smart set-pieces.


James Reilly
Author: James Reilly

I'm an avid film maker and fan, currently studying film production at Portsmouth University.