Japan based DJ VANTAGE on bringing influences to 50//50


With his humble beginnings in France, the Japan based artist brings influences to his music from both regions, through both his lyrics, and his artwork. We caught up with Vantage off the back of his highly anticipated release 50//50. Music the artist believes should do the talking through both unique elements which makes his sound so uniquely identifiable and appealing to his fans. He highlights how he wanted to make music at first and by an interesting turn of events he ended up in Japan.  Opening up how he never envisaged himself doing anything else, however, was not 100% certain he would succeed early on in his career.

Developing 50/50
The inspiration behind his new release stemmed from seeking to provoke a feeling of nostalgia and happiness, something that the artist felt good but also a “little unsettling to keep it mature”. His latest entry helped the artist change as it was not part of the album he developed in beginning. Vantage describes his music as very raw, glossy and happy ! With a raw energy the artist believes makes it stand out, and make people want to have fun!

Vantage points to his family as the key support mechanism in driving him to strive to where is now. Experiencing moments of rejection and bullying very early on in his career; the artist highlights how this helped raise his own level of awareness around the issue.  “I think it all comes down to being real with yourself, because deep down you know when what you do is whack lol I remember one of my exes telling me that making music was pointless and I can’t help but laugh about it seeing where I am now lol”.  The artist opens up about experiencing depression and anxiety throughout his life, choosing to keep it on the side so as to not give it too much importance. Choosing to live by the view that  being healthy, with food and roof over his head is more important, and to live life to the fullest every day.

Finding the Right Mix

Vantage highlights the importance of finding the right mix of people to surround yourself with when forging a career in music. To trust people with different sounds and invest your time in exploring niche markets as opposed to milking more commercially based style music which has the risk of finishing your career.

Currently the artist is working on a host of new material, with plans to be the best version of himself he can be.

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