Norwegian duo JIMMY SMASH on their latest release “Over”, and overcoming the challenges of Lockdown!


We caught up with Norwegian duo Jimmy Smash following their latest single release “Over”. Fronted by duo Havard and Mikkel, the duo explain how music has always been a big part in both their lives. Havard for his part began playing guitar at a very early age and found incredible joy in discovering music, he explains. Going onto point out how Jimmy Smash started as a project focused solely on the joy of making music without too much thought on what anyone else would think of it. Whilst Mikkel goes onto highlight how he was inspired by the ability to use elements from different genres and place them together to create something completely unique.


The duo’s latest release is the follow-up to their previous single «Under», and the duo explain how these two singles mark a new direction for this project. “We have explored new ways of portraying our sound, and challenged ourselves both in the songwriting and the production. Doing stuff that may sound weird or off is sometimes a good thing”. They point to the vocal production playing a big part of their sound.  Layering vocals to create a unique sonic personality which according to the artists has been an integral piece on every Jimmy Smash demo since day one, and is something they take pride in.

The Norweigian duo point to their close friends and family who have supported them from the beginning. Highlighting how they always wanted to hear honest feedback on what they were doing whether it’s on the creative or business side, and are extremely grateful to have that. They explain how in the beginning they had the mindset that if they decided to release their music; the duo would do it the right way. “We have both had different music projects prior to Jimmy Smash, and we wanted to make the most of this one. During the last couple of years we’ve experienced and learned the importance of finding equal-minded people to work with, and for us that makes the creative process much more fun for us”.

The duo draw inspiration from genres all around the world and are always open to new, or new old music, they explain. With a specific love for 70s and 80s Rnb and soul! They feel it’s important to stay grounded and true to themselves, and what they believe is right. They note how their biggest challenge so far has been to keep the inspiration going. “Last year we had a rather long period of not getting much done, and felt kind of stuck. Sometimes you just got to wait it out and let time go by, and now we feel like we’re on the right track again”.

The artists are currently working on a lot of new material and ideas, with plans lined up which they look forward to sharing with their fans!#watchthisspace