Swedish Duo JUBËL on their latest release Weekend Vibe & stepping outside their comfort zone!


“We wanted to create something new and try to get out of our comfort zone. Weekend vibe is us just having fun and not thinking too much about ”whats working in the industry etc”.

We caught up with Swedish duo JUBËL following the release of their latest entry Single ‘WeekendVibe’.  The duo explain how they have both had musical-interest for as long as they can remember, highlighting how it was not until they were around the ages of 16-20 that they really got hooked on the EDM wave. Pointing to their humble beginnings, the artists explain how they initially began as DJ’s who chose to let loose with their creative side and start producing their own music.

The duo describe their music as a mixture of happiness and joyful based pop music with uplifting hooks. Highlighting their unique writing and production techniques and processes that makes them stand out from other artists. Referencing their families support from very early on in their music careers has pushed the artists to pursue their dreams, they explain. Going onto point out the importance of being surrounded with positive energy and by people that want the best for you.

The Swedish duo see social media fundamental in their pursuit of broadcasting their brand to the world and spreading their music. “We’ve always tried to use it as a platform to show our music rather then our personal lives”. They explain how due to producing their own work themselves they are not so dependent on other producers. With that said, they still highlight the importance of collaborating with people that believe in what you do rather then trying to make you do something that you don’t really feel for. Whilst still focusing on pursuing your dreams and to not stop believing in yourself and your inner creative abilities.

The Swedish duo admit to having gone through plenty of challenges in their pursuit for their dream, and have only done so by failing and learning from their mistakes along the way. “We’ve always tried to stay positive and adapt. Jubël is a result of us stepping out of our comfort zone and just making music without pressure and having fun”. The duo are currently finishing up their upcoming EP, and can’t wait to share it with the world! #watchthisspace