US Artist Lee Burgos on her new single “Me Acostumbré”, and music as a subjective art!


US singer-songwriter Lee Burgos has had an affinity for music for as long as she can remember. We caught up with the artist following the release of her latest single “Me Acostumbré”. The first record where she purposefully exposes different ranges of her vocal, offering the listener a story where the lyrics and vocals both take the audience through a journey, she explains. 

“It’s about that love that breaks your heart. Then tapes it back up just to break it again; and you’re so delusional that you want to keep making it work even after you’ve left them”. 

What initially started as a social inclusion with her local church. Lee’s portfolio soon started to gain traction, with numerous collaborations as a back up singer for various Grammy Award nominated artists. Subsequently leading to a love for the stage. Choosing to break off and pursue a solo career back in 2015.  

Invoking her Soul  

The artist explains how music evokes her emotions, and is a fundemental element to what differentiates her music from her peers. Making a point to pour her soul into her recording sessions even if it is for a commercial record. She explains that through her work ethic, she usually gets compared to a machine. Although in truth, Lee finds herself losing drive and pushing through the wall of creative block that is ever present in all creatives, irrespective of stature. Her remedy – construction paper pads.

I have multiple construction paper pads at home (which is what I use to write my music on), and I write all the time. So even when I am feeling uninspired, I can always pick up my book and quickly get into that zone!”

The artist opens up how whenever she feels that she is slipping into depression, anxiety or sadness. She moves very quickly to identify the source of the problem. Enabling the artist to better handle the issue at hand. Pointing out that her greatest challenge is herself. That whilst she loves what she does. She can get caught in her own way, by her own admission. Seeking perfection when there was never an issue.

Image: King Aaron Photography MUA: Angie Shehata Hair: Peta Gaye McCalla Wardrobe: Chelley Roy

The Subjective Art

For the musician, music is subjective. Going onto point that when you find collaborators and producers that have the same vision and ear as you, it is heaven!! Surrounded by an incredibly talented and supportive team, she highlights how her music is her version of self-expression. Everything from the lyrics to the melodies to the synthesizer you hear in almost all her songs, reflects who she is!

Her advice for those aspiring to follow in her footsteps is to “just go for it”! In her view , the perfect time is now. More importantly is to ensure you have a plan. To ensure you are at a place in your life where you know who you are, what you stand for and most importantly, to make sure your mental health is on point. To not be afraid to be “selfish” or “self-centred”. That people will use hateful words to try and break you, but you have to be strong and stay focused on your dream!

Lee’s goal for the future short term is to continue to increase her followership and connect with her fans. With her future medium-term goal to become a global artist. “I will not settle for less and will continue working to get there, one fan and one show at a time”. With plans in the works to offer her fans a glimpse into her journey by way of an EP or album. With a wealth of material to hand, the artist and her team are looking forward to working on making this a reality for the first quarter of 2022.#watchthisspace