London based Artist Ruby Francis on her new album “Archives”& inspiring her fans through her music!


London based artist Ruby Francis sat down with Student Pages to discuss her latest album “Archives”. The artist explains that the journey through her latest production has given an immense amount of perspective on her own growth as a female artist. With [Archives] forming a collection of tracks that she had written over the years inspired by different life experiences, ranging from love, break ups, sexuality through to spirituality.

“To see it finished and packaged has really been a crucial point of self reflection on my life journey so far! With so much amazing feedback and beautiful messages from strangers, it’s really motived me to keep pushing and inspiring people with my music”.

Francis explains how her humble beginnings have been honed through the musical talents within her immediate family. From her father, a talented bass player, and her mum; a huge lover and collector of music. “Growing up in this environment, I was constantly surrounded by music and started playing piano from a really young age (later singing and producing). Through harnessing this love, it became a natural progression to continue down this musical path”. The artist goes on to describe her music as colourful, fele good and heart felt. A sound which is unique to herself, and very “Ruby”!

Working through Challenges

Being an independent artist; she opens up about how it always comes with its risks; to constantly be exercising your vulnerability in order to create, and not following the norm and taking the risks. Having struggled with anxiety over the last 10 years, she highlights how this leads her to suffer from insomnia, partly due to her career and personal reasons. She explains that having such an amazing support system of friends and family to talk about it with and make sense of it was invaluable to helping her get through her demons. “I really do feel I have overcome a lot of it, but it still is an ongoing thing. I’m much better at managing it now and actually have a healthy relationship with it by knowing that these complex emotions we feel do have their place and purpose”.

For Francis, she explains that her greatest challenge to date has most likely been her own mind! “Getting in my own way, letting those voices in that I spoke of in the last question, the outside noise get the better of me, losing motivation, losing and self belief”. She goes onto point out how she would probably give different advice [to students] depending on what areas of the music industry they are interested in. The key to stay true to your essence and that feeling you get when you create or perform. To protect this energy as you will need it to guide you. To keep working on it, and stay curious, explore and not to let the pressures of the world diminish your light. Equally, to not be afraid to step outside the box and do things in your own way. 


The artist is very humbled to have been lucky enough to have many strong supporters in her life through her music journey to date. From her parents, who were incredibly supportive and understanding of her career choice. Creating an environment of encouragement for her to keep going. To her friends within the music & creative fields who themselves are on this journey with her. #watchthisspace