US artist rocco on his latest release Grey Theory & fighting depression to find his fire and spiritual vision!


At the age of 19, US artist rocco sits down to explain how he started noticing a kind of sticky sadness. The reference “sticky” because the artist could not shake it. Pointing out that he wasn’t really able to place why he was sad. Only that his depression kept deeping, and this is where turning to the arts helped him find a place to heal, and to process what he was going through.

“i got all fired back up and my spiritual inquiry intensified like my life depended on it… cuz it really did… and that’s what led me to working with a therapist… making life changing choices… self inquiry… changing my diet… shifting friends… leaning into my wellbeing.. i leaned in… i got involved!”

In the artist’s own words, he explains how he got into music through his “fire breathing samurai warrior dragon war lord general guitar hero cave man dude” (aka Dad)! Recalling how he spent a great deal of his younger years on tour, leading him to move as far away from music as possible. Fate it would seem, had other plans, and rocco explains how his life only started to flow harmoniously for him once he chose a career path within music!

Grey Theory

The artist’s latest release Grey Theory has been on his hard drive for a few yeats he explains. For the very reason that he was looking for the perfect verse to finalize his single. “This song has also been the frequency of leaning into the matrix and bringing the inner insights back to the “village” so to speak”. He recalls how year after year he would get a new cerfiication, a new training, a new retreat. The topic of racism constantly coming through every channel he came across, and this is where the artist found his inspiration for his latest beat. “it was dark, and eerie, and hypnotic… and it just felt like the matrix, and how we have all been indoctrinated to a density of reality that hyper emphasizes the pigment spectrum of skin color”.

He believes that art has to come first. Highlighting his commitment to making posts that were for him. Going onto explain how it became a synesthesia healing portal; selfishly soothing but also looking to connect each chapter of his linear progression to a color palette and energetic theme. He explains how the biggest challenge has been realizing what the biggest challenge is, with reference to his “ego”.

The artist currently has a number of different albums that are taking shape, whilst simultaneously supporting a couple artists with creative direction and branding. In addition to releasing his second online course that clarifies the practical utility of high level emotional intelligence with crystal clear clarity.#watchthisspace