We caught up with breakthrough artist Nicola Høie in anticipation of her latest release Skydiving. Firm in her passion for the arts, Nicola explains that for her, music is what makes people connect and brings each other together. Having grown up around music from a very young age; the aspiring artist found embracing music brought her a huge amount of joy. With her dream to produce her own music and bring fresh energy to others.

The musician describes her music as pop with a little bit of edge thrown in. Pointing out that a lot her songs are developed with a catchy tone; which in her view makes them stand out against other artists operating in the same genre. Whilst she loves all her music to date, developing the track Unforgettable was by far her pride and joy to create. She goes onto highlight how she has had a great deal of support around her. Referencing her family as being her rock, she explains how they have always been there to encourage her to just be herself and always believed in her music and her dreams.

“I’m very fortunate to have them because I don’t think that I would be here without them if I’m honest. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many kind people in my team. Not everyone is lucky in that way so I remind myself to never take that for granted!”

For Nicola, it’s always important to find people who have a similar approach to things like you do but also important to have people take you out of your comfort zone to try out new things. She recalls how she has been lucky so far with the people she has worked with. Going onto to highlight their exceptional talent at what they do and the importance of having trust within her team.

“You’re not always gonna like everything and that’s okay. The important thing to do is just be vocal and express your opinion because at the end of the day it will make it so much easier for everyone else around you and also yourself”.

A huge fan of Adele, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, and Taylor Swift to name but a few. Nicola’s advice to aspiring artists is to place your focus on getting into the music industry; and never ever give up, nor let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve it. Going onto to point out that she is a firm believer that If you set your mind to something and want it just enough then anything is possible. That not everyone will believe in you and that’s okay. With the most important element to believe in yourself and believe that you can do it. Be your first fan.

“I have had some challenges along the way for sure. But I think my biggest challenge would have to be me worrying I’m good enough. It’s not always easy.”

At the moment Nicola is writing new songs and getting everything ready for 2023, with plans in place to release a host of new music.#watchthisspace