Theatre offers an experience that as a journalist is often difficult to describe, as there is always the feeling that simply writing does not do justice to the amazing cast and crew that deliver amazing spectacles and showpieces every single performance. A ruthless guantlet which is surpassed by the incredible love and passion these exceptional artists bring to the table.

We were invited to see the latest immersive experience [MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY] which has received incredible acclaimed reviews across the board. Where do i start. Phenomenal! Exceptional! Energetic! Inspired! The genius surrounding Bjorn Ulvaeus production is that the experience starts before you are even seated.

Tamara Perks in Mamma Mia! The Party at The O2. Photo by Grant Walker

Before you even enter the seating area (which is exquisite), you are propelled into the heart of MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY. If you have yet to see the theatre production and/or films prior, DO SO! It should be noted that the story is different to the original, which is extremely refreshing. You are welcomed into “NIKOS TAVERNA”,a 4 hour feast of laughter, food, drinks, entertainment and of course an ABBA music extravaganza. 

We were situated by the band, however, irrespective of the seating position, it did not matter where you sat, as the cast and crew made it their priority to ensure everyone was involved. This really stood out for me, as with standard theatre, your experience is narrated by being seated whilst watching the cast perform on stage. With MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY, you are part of the performance, where every element of the set is used. Giving you an experience which is simply unbelievable!

The full experience involves a 4 course meal, which was simply amazing! Yet this was equalled by the incredible waiting staff, who made our experience even more sensational. The meal was separated between each of the acts. This was really refreshing, as the diners were given time and space to eat their courses, without the feel of being rushed.

So the question is should you take a chance on MAMMA MIA! Well if you’re the first in line, take a chance, you will not regret it! If anything you’ll leave wanting to come back for more!! I certainly was, and will be returning again! An unforgettable PARTY! One that you will wish won’t finish!! THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC! #MAMMAMIA!THEPARTY

You can book your tickets via this link!