London based Electronic Duo PRÏNCEPS on their new EP Trinity


We caught up with London based electronic duo Renz Byrne and bassist and producer Marko Press following the release of their latest EP release Trinity. Marko pointing out how his dad was a major influence, being a musician himself, in choosing to persevere with the music career route. Referencing Metallica, Marko found inpiration through their music leading him into bass guitar. Renz on the other hand, explains how he found inspiration through Linkin Park’s first single “One Step Closer”. Pointing out how “20 years later, here we are”!


The new EP, a collaboration with Italian DJ EKL, has developed both artists through the evolution of the track. Renz explains how the music is a totally different style to the type of music he has worked on before, so the oppotunity to bring aggression and angst into dance music was an opportunity he was very excited to embark on. The duo themselves describe themselves as an electronicrock band mixing screamo and edm. “There is always a contrast between the lyrics and the beats that makes our sound & songs unique and edgy. Hi-octane, hi-energy and heavy bass are the main components of our dna”.

The duo point out their favourite creation to date as being ‘Oh So Fun!’ A song written during the first lock down, the duo point to the smooth and quick creative process they were able to produce in a matter of minutes. “These are our fave kind of creations”!  Marko highlights how getting to this stage has been very much the by-product of both those who support them and in equal measure those you were critical of their work, as it allowed the artists to find the strength to push forward and continually improve their sound.

Overcoming Challenges

Renz opens up about anxiety being a constant battleWhilst, Marko refences how whilst social media is a great tool to utilize to build a career within the music industry, the duo’s preference is to enhance their career performing live, with people in front of them. In doing so; living a memento together that will last for much longer than a video reel. The artists recommend anyone looking to get into the music industry to get ready for a long journey of ups and downs. To be open to criticism and welcome any feedback; whilst never forgetting where you started.

The duo are currently working on 2 music videos in addition to planning a UK tour & an international showcase for the next summer.#watchthisspace

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