Irish DJ & producer Bisset on his latest release “Every Single Time” & The Tough Reality of Going Solo!


Trying to get music done, deadlines, ​worrying about the future – it can all add up. Positivity keeps it at bay”.

We caught up with Irish DJ & producer Bisset off the back of his latest entry Every Single Time courtesy of Polydor Records. The DJ explains how he was always into music growing up. He found that once he heard house music for the first time, a vision formulated which led the aspiring producer on a path that transformed his life. He highlights since the latest release [Every Single Time], he has started to assess his skillset more personally. Bisset highlights how he has invested heavily into his equipment and studio. Initially noting how the single itself was driven through listening to a range of piano-driven house and 90s RnB music.

Describing his sound as House music, with a heavy piano driven tempo. The DJ ultimately feels what makes his music different is his refusal to hesitate on drops. Pointing out how he has an awareness of how to deliver them differently each time. There are currently two new songs Bisset points to working on at the moment, which he can’t wait to share with his fans. What is key is the connection being made with his fans, he explains. Finding inspiration and motivation through his son and his close circle of friends, Bisset explains how they have pushed the producer to achieve his goals in the constant face of adversity. Pointing out that it’s extremely important to have good people around you!

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

The DJ opens up about how he tried to keep his head up and stay positive as much as possible through his periods of anxiety and depression. It’s difficult, Bisset explains, pointing how the anxiety still hits every now and then. It comes with the stress of the job, he goes onto point out. 

Bisset explains how social media has completely changed his life to when he started going out and showcasing his talent. He goes onto highlight how the best part has been learning about music production. 

“I stuck to one style at the start and it was incredibly difficult to find a particular group who liked it. I made a decision to stick to my guns. If I enjoyed the songs I was writing, and continued to go down that route, I felt personally I was doing right by myself”.

Going Solo – The Tough Reality

Budgets can be tight as a student he explains. Remembering how he himself took DJ lessons from a community centre when he was a kid and that got him going. It’s important to find people around you who are musically interested, Bisset explains. Making a point of noting that if you can do that, reach out and start asking questions/spend time with them; this lays the foundations very early on from which to move forward.

He highlights how the crossover to making music his 9-5 was a huge, risky step but it paid off for the artist. “The day I signed for Polydor I remember saying to myself that I’m a professional recording artist. I needed to adapt to that mindset the second I stopped working in my old coffee shop”.

Bisset is planning to release his new single later this year. With additional plans to put together an album for his fans! #watchthisspace