Kat Cunning: Her New Album


An advocate for the LGBTQ community and body positivity, Kat Cunning is a rising voice on the NYC arts scene whose songs blend pop, soul, and Baroque arrangements.

A true artist, Kat’s voice itself is as unique as it is refreshing. Her new single “Birds” is a class of lyrical and emotive beauty. Far from being a song that on first glance one may think is written about birds, the song relays a deeper meaning to that of relationships, and of which is drawn on real life experiences to submit a song that is filled with raw emotion, yet balanced throughout with a class of soul, that leaves you wanting more.

Her versatility knows few boundaries having performed on Broadway in ‘Dangerous Liaisons,’ Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Paramour,’ NYC’s Sleep No More

Check out her new song out now!