KOOLKID – “Were So Blind” & Finding His Style!


Growing up in Glasgow, KOOLKID was surrounded by live music from a young age which inspired him to pick up the guitar and have a go at writing his own material. We caught up with the talented artist ahead of anticipated new release “We’re so Blind”. A track he explains he wrote last year and had no intention on releasing at this time, but of the fact that due to the coronavirus pandemic, it just felt like the perfect time. 
“I want the song to send a message to everyone who listens, that we have become so blind to the real world around us and it’s time for us to wake up and see it for the true beauty that it is.” 

Finding His Style

For the young artist, his music combines his singer-songwriter style with a more American culture pop sound. Highlighting how he is keen for his songs to tell stories but at the same time make you feel like your in your own blockbuster movie. Taking a lot of influences from growing up in life & music, KOOLKID feels this has been pivotal in creating his new sound and one he is really proud to produce.
For his fans, KOOLKID is keen that his listeners have an emotional reaction of joy when they listen to his music.
I want my music to really connect with the person in some way. I want the song to become their friend that they can always count on. They can stick it on if they feel happy or sad or just want to hear it for some reason to them. If my music can connect with people like a great friend, I would be so happy.

Supportive Network

Paying homage to his parents, KOOLKID highlights how fortunate he has been to have such an incredible supportive home network.
“My parents have been very supportive and always helped me in times of struggle and feeling deflated. They always seem to pick me up from a low.”
Finding people is a very important part. The young artist feels finding the right team is just trial and error. Having had the opportunity to work with so many producers, he openly admits to the reality that some songs have worked, whilst some have not. The artist goes on to highlight the importance of being experimental and work with as many people as you can until you find the person who really gets your sound.
Opening up about anxiety, his biggest challenge, KOOLKID explains how he to be the guy who would question what anxiety was or why people had it.
“I had my first panic attack out of the blue at the beginning of last year and it sent me into a black hole. I am only just finding ways to deal with it and get better. This really set me back as I thought something was really wrong with me.” 
For those suffering from anxiety, KOOLKID is keen to offer a supportive hand. To know that you are not alone. You will get through this even if it seems like you might never get out. Of specific mention to a book by Barry Mcdonagh called Dare. A book, the artist highlights was really helpful in supporting him during this dark period.

The Music Industy

KOOLKID recommends for those wishing to follow in his footsteps, to write as much as you can. Whenever the opportunity arises to write a song, and look and get one out.
“A lot of your ideas will probably suck at the start but the only way to get better is to write LOTS! Also, don’t let rejection get you down. I’ve been rejected more times than I’ve been accepted and even to this day I still go through rejection. See it as a stepping stone. Learn from it and let it drive you even more to where you want to be.”

Opening up about getting back on the road and seeing his fans, something the young artist cannot wait to do. He goes onto explain that his future goals are to get plenty of great music out and to get back on the road touring again!

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