LA duo KTJ & Carly on “Enable Me” & Finding their Rhythm


With every song we write we grow as artists and people. In a way, it has reminded us to always remember who we are and always stay true to ourselves. -KTJ & Carly

These two talented artists are known for infusing every element of their music with desire and hope.Their new release  “Enable Me” is a track that embodies the duo’s unique sound of powerful vocals, unforgettable hooks, and introspective lyrics. We caught up with the LA-based pop artists as they look ahead to 2021, to delve more into their journey to date and find out what we can expect to see from them in the future. The artists highlight how they always knew they were going to pursue music. From their humble beginnings starting out with music lessons, acting and musicals, to finally placing their stamp in the industry through their manager Sera Roadnight.

Carly points out how their new single [Enable Me] challenged them in production. Opening up how they tried to be a little more experimental which the duo immensely enjoyed. This has allowed the artists to explore different types of style and lyric productions, which they look forward to producing more in the future with their music.

The duo describe their music as a fusion between “RnB” & EDM with alt/pop. With “alt-rock” venturing in as their new influence, the artists are constantly evolving their music to account for the change in landscape, and in doing so developing their sound to the heights they have firmly set in their sights.

Enable Me

Carly explains how when it comes to their fans, she wants them to feel empowered and connected to the world. The  hope that their music makes someone feel a little less alone. The duo highlight how their friends and family have been incredibly  supportive and encouraging throughout their journey.

“They inspire us e veryday to strive f or greatness…N o matter what happens they are there for us. O ur m anager, Sera, h as b een a long the ride the whole time and we would be nowhere if i t wasn’t for her. It’s so important to remember the people in your life that support you and keep them close to your heart.”

The artists open up about how they have had their fair of experience of being judged in their pursuit of their dreams.  KTJ points out how it makes it close to impossible if you start to care about what bully’s think in music industry. According to the duo, all that matters is your own opinion of yourself!  Taking strength from David Bowies quote “Never play to the gallery”, the artists highlight the importance of making music because you had something inside you that could be manifested into art.  To not let anyone walk over you, and to find strength in your own way of thinking!

Songwriting – Taking the Leap

KTJ highlights how struggling with depression is what led her to songwriting in the first place. The artist feels overcoming depression itself allowed to gain a very  formative experience from the whole ordeal. Carly points out how it is incredibly important to have a network who supports the work you are creating and understand your vision. Notng how in order for the song to be the best it can be, it is vital to be able to connect with someone on the same wavelength.

 “to widen your taste and be open to what other people are making. It helps with not only g rowth,
but helps develop your own sound. I’d say the most important thing is to listen and be a sponge if you find yourself in a session with someone who isn’t the same vibe or genre of music as you.”

The artists highlight that if music is something you deeply want to go into, you have to work smart and harder. Further explaining how if you really want to do something, do it to t he best of your ability. To do everything you can to make y our dreams come true. They explain how their biggest challenge to date has been growing their listeners in the face of Covid and operating virtually, away from the presence of the stage and the atmosphere performing to 1000’s of people brings.

The artists point to virtual writing sessions as having enabled the duo to  meet a vast amount of fans they would not have previously the opportunity to engage with prior. Having just completed their latest debut EP  [Identity], the artists are keeping themselves busy with taking the opportunity to engage with their fans online, allowing them to remain active with their listeners. KTJ plans to get a degree in music business and cognition, and continue producing music with Carly. Whilst Carly is very much looking forward to 2021 with plans to  continue releasing singles, grow their following, and get back into live shows.

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