AI is revolutionising the way we work – rapidly becoming a powerful tool for those looking to advance their careers. Whether you’re a soon-to-be grad keen to craft a career in marketing, a bidding salesperson looking to use AI to predict customer behaviour, or an HR professional looking to identify high-performing employees, utilising AI in your daily tasks can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

But how exactly can you harness the power of AI to propel your career forward? Here are five impactful tips to get started. 

Like learning any new skill, it’s important to truly understand the basics before getting stuck in. Because that’s exactly what using AI is: a skill. 

With so many different avenues to explore – from machine learning to natural language processing – it’s crucial to first understand the range of AI models available, and from here, find your niche. Do your research and find the best fit for you, and the rest will fall into place. 

Why not start by trying out free apps like Otter AI and ChatGPT for a bit of self-tuition? 

After mastering the fundamentals of AI, it’s time to explore how the software can add value to your work. For instance, if you’re a marketeer, using AI to analyse customer data can improve your targeting strategy. Or if you work in sales, leveraging AI to predict customer behaviour can help you better predict your customers’ next move before you plan yours.

To fully capitalise on the potential of AI, you may need to invest time and effort in learning new skills to operate the software effectively. This may include acquiring knowledge on data handling, machine learning or natural processing, as well as interpreting and acting on insights generated by AI models.

By equipping yourself with the necessary skills, you’ll not only be able to leverage AI to your advantage, but position yourself as a valuable asset in the competitive job market. 

Not sure where to start? LinkedIn Learning is a great platform for learning the ropes. 

Prefer to gain hands-on experience when learning? Us too. Luckily, there are plenty of free opportunities to gain just that with AI. 

Whether that’s enrolling onto classroom courses, online tutoring or self-tuition, the best place to start is by trying out software for yourself. Consider work shadowing a team that’s already using AI in their work so you can observe and learn from professionals as you get to use the software for yourself. 

As with any other field, networking is key to getting ahead in AI. Start by joining groups and communities related to AI, attend networking events and conferences – and for extra pointers during your daily scroll, be sure to follow relevant LinkedIn pages so you can stay up to date with the latest developments and opportunities within the industry.

Following the five key steps outlined above is a good starting point to begin leveraging AI to boost your career, but the real lesson? That all starts when you get stuck in and start experimenting yourself. 

So whether you’re wanting to learn the ropes of Synthesia to grow your social following, or need Chat GPT’s assistance in writing a killer headline, the best way to learn is always (as they say) on the job.

Good luck!

Gabriella Wieland
Author: Gabriella Wieland

Gabriella Wieland is a writer and English Literature graduate. She spends most of her time trying to keep her mini-poppadom obsession at bay and finding adventures of the ‘free’ variety. Residing in Manchester, she also spends much of her time liaising with scientists to find a geographical cure for eternally-grey skies and Vitamin D deficiency.