Los Angeles Actress Reese Warren on Getting into Character & Working through Rejection!!


At 11 Years old, Reese Warren has always had a passion for performing. Best known for playing the character Bella on “Ace & The Christmas Miracle”; the young actress expresses how she just loves to act, sing and dance. Incredibly humbled by the opportunities that have been afforded to her growing up near Los Angeles. Having begun her training at 3 years old with dance and shortly after vocal classes, Warren explains how this evolved into acting classes from the age of 6. With her extensive training schedule, she openly admits that she would not be where she is today without her training behind her. A believer that talent only gets one so far, and that the work has to be put in to continue the journey.


The young actress explains how she likes to take time to get to know the character she is recreating. Reading through her lines before going on to do the real run through. Alongside her coaches who have taught the actress the importance of writing down extensive notes on her character so she can really get into the role. For auditions, Warren only gets nervous on call backs and producer sessions. With a note on remembering to have fun, and enjoy the process.

Warren explains that the biggest challenges as an actress is the rejection. Highlighting how when she know’s she has done a good job and don’t move forward, simply as she is not the right look they are looking for for the role, is a bitter pill to swallow.

Admittingly, the young actress does get tired due to the intense schedue. Noting that trying to juggle,

Photo Credit Tonya Warren

school, training, auditions, music recording and PR events can be exhausting. Usually turning to her mother to help get her focus back and push through. When Warren is not honing her, you can find the young actress hanging out with her family and friends. With a preference on going traveling, going camping, riding her bike, chilling out and watching anime.

Warren’s dream role is to see herself voicing an animated character and performing at Coachella. Going onto highlight that if you don’t love it, then don’t do it. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice, she explains. Pointing to how most of the time you are not going to get the role, so it’s important to not dwell on the reality of the process. Move onto the next audition and stay positive. Believe in yourself, and whilst it takes time, to trust in the process. #watchthisspace