Los Angeles & London duo Tommy Lefroy on their latest EP Flight Risk, a journey two years in the making!!


Tommy Lefroy recalls getting into music out of pure necessity. The duo explain how they had both been writing and performing since they were kids, and never pictured themselves doing anything else. We caught up with the artists, following the release of their latest EP “Flight Risk”. A journey they note as being two years in the making. 

“It’s a work on transience, on being far from home, on constantly moving and never feeling settled. It’s also about being metaphorically flighty – struggling to commit to things, or intentionally falling into things you know won’t last. It speaks to the chaos and uncertainty of our early twenties the fear in the era, and the freedom too”.

Comprised of Wynter (Los Angeles); & Tessa (London); the duo point out how their music has been an outlet through which they have been able to sort through major moments and feelings. Writing proving to be a safe space for the duo, with the hope that in releasing these songs, they can offer similar solace to their listeners too.

Creating Flight Risk

Creating “Flight Risk” was extremely challenging and rewarding for the artists. Having produced it themselves remotely from separate continents, they explain how they never intended on working that way, or even producing the EP themselves. Through the pandemic, the artists were forced to adapt. “In creating this EP we not only became stronger producers and writers, but better teammates, collaborators and friends”.
The duo refer to Tommy as “soft-rock” or “indie-rock”. Guitar-driven with pop-leaning melodies. The artists explain how they love to experiment with lots of vocal layers, doubles and harmonies, and play into the nuance of their similar-sounding voices. In addition to experimenting with different samples, sounds, and voice memos that they collect from their surroundings and integrate into their tracks. 
The artists open up about struggling with anxiety and depression. Highlighting how most days they have
a handle on it, and have gotten better at managing it as they have gotten older. “Part of the challenge of working together is sticking with each other through those hard days”. Having a team that understands and respects their vision has been key to offering the duo not only inspiration & direction, but the importance of reassurance – that the artists are safe in the knowledge that their vision is a reality, and that there is confidence within their abilities to make it happen.

​Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Trying

The duo explain that when they first started their project, they had a lot of trepidation, and put off a lot of steps because they were intimidated. Creating a lot of their own barriers. To trust in your instincts and be patient with yourself along the way. Highlighting their greatest challenge to date being that of managing the distance between the duo. With an eight hour difference between the pair, finding time to collaborate creatively when they could not be in the same room was always going to be a hard act to follow. Having just released their new EP, the artists are already working on producing new songs in addition to the excitement of shows they have planned for 2022.#watchthisspace